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Opponents have combined to win 76 consecutive game

GDFL Set To Crown 2011 Champion

Joel Hillsman- Editorial
Total Sports Coverage

Updated Mon, 26 Sep 2011 22:50:37 CT

ATLANTA, GA - The GDFL National Championship weekend is upon us. The GDFL- Gridiron Developmental Football League, will be completing it's second full season and has done a yomen effort in bringing respect to the game of minor league football across the country in 2011. Many will disagree with that for various reasons but few will try to duplicate the efforts of getting 90 something teams together in different parts of the country and filter out the purest champion on the minor league level, despite what you heard.

The Carolina Warriors were the first ever GDFL Champions with the Kentucky Wolverines as the 2010 runner ups. Many say nobody remembers second place but at the minor league level- where laying a foundation is essential, second place is a key building block and both came only two games away from returning to the title game in their respective conferences. If you don't think that momentum didn't carry into 2011 your fooling only yourself.

I'm not here to bash anybody (league, player, owner or coach) but what I will say is two things...shut up and handle business and shut up and play football. No deck of cards is dealt perfectly every time and when you have a weak hand you still have to play it unless your playing poker and are "folding". That word along with "forfeit" are too common place in the minor league game where some very good and entertaining football is played.

I will not go on even though this is an editorial. If you want more insight on what I'm eluding to pull up the archive of the GDFL Game Center Show from September 18th, found in the archive section of Total Sports Coverage.

With that I introduce you to the Impact Conference Champions the Oklahoma Thunder. 52-0 since their inception into the minor league football arena, that's 52 W's in a row, yes 52 in the left column, zero in the middle and zero in the right column. 3 World Bowl Championships on their resume, a talented football team and sound business approach in the front office.

Thunder Notes: 13-0 in their first season in the GDFL and set a record by scoring 96 points in a games. averaged 50.3ppg while allowing on 11.9ppg in all games played (regular season and postseason). Three shutouts (2 regular season, 1 postseason).Defeated the Kentucky Wolverines 42-6 to advance to the championship game Headline Player: Prentiss Elliott-Wide Receiver/Kick Returner.

Their opponent...The Chambersburg Cardinals, champions of the Xtreme Conference. The Cardinals have a storied history in minor league football dating back to 1946. During that time they have hoisted a league championship trophy of some kind 12 times (1969, 1973, 1977-1985 and 2010). It's obvious that the Chambersburg Cardinals built their program on a rockmass and not sand.

Cardinal Notes: Currently on a 24-game winning streak. 13-0 in first season in the GDFL. Defeated the Henry County Horsemen 45-8 to advance to the championship game. Average 40.3ppg and allowed 6.3ppg. 6 shutouts (4 regular season 2 postseason). Allowed 20 or more points only twice, only allowed double digits 3 times. Headline player: Keon Lattimore-Running back

Clearly these two programs have all the ingredients for a thrilling championship game that- win or lose, will give them serious momentum into 2012 both on the field and in the front office.

Prediction Time: Clearly both teams can score, clearly both teams can defend, clearly both teams have justified their spot to play for a National Championship game despite the rumblings about their strength of schedule in the regular season and clearly the playoffs have shown that.

The Thunder have the skill guys on ALL sides of the ball to break the game open at any moment. The Cardinals have the advantage in the trenches if they want to grind it out. Both have experience in big game, pressure cooker, championship settings and both will bring buses of fans. Don't expect a 56-52 game but expect it. Don't expect a 17-14 game but expect it. The law of averages will weigh out as they always do when quality teams meet. This game could change the overall structure and perception of minor league football and it will show in so many ways, ways that still will go unnoticed by many except those that are savvy enough to see it. In an age where high school players fall through the recruiting cracks and college systems don't reveal the true player, coaches don't get "that break", the minor league game in not just "leftovers" or "wannabees" it's about football players in really it's purest form. The Thunder of Oklahoma and Cardinals of Chambersburg will show you in Atlanta come October 1st. Both teams will come out winners, they both already are but who will hoist the 2011 GDFL Championship crown...

Oklahoma Thunder 32 Chambersburg Cardinals 27

GDFL National Championship tickets are still available so visit the GDFL's official website at for more information.

Total Sports Coverage will carry the GDFL National Championship game LIVE across it's vast network with Joel Hillsman and Marque Denmon in the booth and Sherri Cochran roaming the sidelines with approximate kickoff at 5:30pm EST. Total Sports Coverage will also carry a LIVE GDFL Game Center Championship Preview and Post Game Show leading up to and after the Championship game with JHillsman and Charles Thompson joined by many guest from around the GDFL, football and those they may be in attendance for the first time ever at a minor league football game, supporting whomever at 4pm EST.

The opinions reflected in this editorial are strictly those of Joel Hillsman and are independent of any freelance or full-time position held by Joel Hillsman