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10-15 This Weekend @ Indiana Semi Pro Football

Two weekends left of semi-pro action in Indiana. Its been a great season so far, lets finish it out right.

Generals @ Rush
Played on a netural field was a nice gester, but the Rush faithful have a much shorter drive. It comes to concern none, as JT and the Generals look to walop the Rush. Adversity is not a word used around the Generals Camp as it happens so rarly. But in the past few years, when Adversity happens, the Generals use it to springboard to the next level. The Rush may have one game on the Generals, but the Indy Boys are coming, full strength ready to battle.

CRFL State Championships
Intresting way to have two champions I guess, but its next week's win that counts.

Indiana -
Warriors @ Renegades:
Two teams that make their present know on and off the field. The Warriors have had a rough road, and few team adjustments, they seem to have hit their stride. They must take on the Renegades, who each week, in and out, win. Expect emotions to run high and this game to be close till end.

Stallions @ Force:
No surprises here, the Force have made it this far no doublty the favorite to win. The stallions have always been the dark horse of the league. They got off to a late start, hit a bump in the middle of the road but have move on. It is going to rain in this game, football down the field as 2 good QBs take aim. Defense will win this game.

The FAN VOTING PAGE is up for the week. Rankings will be updated at the end of the year.