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Thanks For A Great 2011

Just a word to the SupaNation to say thanks for helping to sustain this great community in 2011. As with the nation that most of us live in (USA), we've got some work left to do to live up to our ideals, but there is also much to be proud of.

There was some great football played across the region this year, and some amazing individual games. I was happy to catch a couple of them in person- to predict a few right on the nose and a few others....not exactly on the nose.

As with any off-season, there will be a good deal of shuffling about with players leaving teams, teams leaving leagues, and new teams and leagues being born. Please do your level best to keep us all up to date here with good current and reliable information about your goings-on. And please don't waste your time or ours with talking garbage or floating rumors.

Congrats again on a great 2011 campaign. If there is anything my long experience with the game at this level taught me, it is that the championships truly are won in the off-season, so get to work, gentlemen....and make your mommas proud.