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Coming to a town Near you The GDFL!!!!• The GDFL offers its "Charter' members opportunity for profit sharing! • The GDFL offers its members access to a National Marketing Company that will not only find sponsors and/or advertising opportunities for the GDFL but also all its member teams! • The GDFL is set up as a National Corporation which makes it easier for Branding opportunity's which allows us to get top quality sponsorships & Advertisers ! • The GDFL offers payouts to league Champions & starting in 2012 we will give our Champion Brand New uniforms and pay half on Championship Rings ! • The GDFL will offer travel support and paid officials in the semi-final round of the playoffs! • The GDFL will purchases the 2012 All-star game jerseys so players don't have to dig in their pockets! • The GDFL offers its members the opportunity to purchase uniforms, apparel, rings and now equipment through our new partnership with G5 Gamewear ! • The GDFL has partnered with the North American Scouting. This allows its players to be seen and scouted by real teams and real scouts by both professional organizations and Colleges/Universities! • The GDFL and its partnership with the North American Scouting gives its players who are seeking professional opportunities the opportunity to obtain quality player representation! • The GDFL offers its players insurance at no Additional cost to them when they sign-up through our Player Association! Check out the GDFL today! We bring structure, a strong business plan, Championship Payouts, and so much more. Looking for quality teams for the 2012 Spring/Summer season!