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Let's start with this its football. Football is a contact sport a very aggressive hard nosed not for pussies sport. If u can't take trash talk and aggression its not ur game. As for the fighting yes it is uncalled for but when a team backs up one of there own because of the opposing team playing dirty grinding helmets in the ground after a tackle or blatant facemasking during a tackle, Hell i could keep on going bout what the refs don't c. It just so happens the gades were under a microscope all season so the attention was on us not our opponents. As for us being thugs I can count at least 10-20 players from every team that would fit that category every time we went to Ohio there was talk of us getting shot in the parking lot or fighting going on after the game. So maybe we r all thugs in a way or maybe just maybe this is actually FOOTBALL where trash talk and threats happen. The big thing is not being pussified sissy boys and be able to back up what u do and what u say. We r all men and all men have there limits if u dish it out u should be ready to throw down that's what men do. So as for being thugs maybe we the Renegdes r men that don't take shit from noone. I just want to say I had a blast this year playin with those guys and look forward to seeing them all again on the field with me or against me. As for Goode he is a good ball player and any team in Indiana would suit him up if they had a chance I would be glad to have him on my sideline any day. He is committed to whatever team he plays for. That being said 2012 let's go the Crusaders will b ready to accept any challenge and looking forward to it. Also we r lookin to get a couple preseason games set up so if interested contact Marion County Crusaders we have a website that will give u the email address.