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crfl week 1 predictions

Vipers 0 crush 28
cardnals 13 raiders 10
spartans 6 phoenix 12
bengals 0 blitz 21
panthers 0 revolution 33
force 6 crusaders 26

Re: crfl week 1 predictions

No way the raiders are that close to the cards, and you got the crusaders winning by 20 against the Force???? Based on what? I say the crusaders will lose by 20 and self destruct at the end.

Re: crfl week 1 predictions

Vipers @ +14 Crush (Crush got good)
+3 Cardinals @ Raiders (Cardinals should win, but may be too unprepared)
+21 Spartans @ Phoenix (Biggest Blowout of the weekend)
Bengals @ +10 Blitz (Experience wins here)
Panthers @ +18 Revolution (Revolution wins easily)
+7 Force @ Crusaders (Experience Wins again)

Re: crfl week 1 predictions

Vipers 10 @ W-Crush 24 (Crush has beeter team then last year but i dont see them having the abliity to win a championship this year..keep buildong and maybe next yr. I have watched you guys practice several times.)

W-Cards 21 @ Raiders 14 (Cards are slowly loosing it. the staement they have something about get with us or get flown over will bite them in the ass this season. i see this team barely making .500)

W-Spartans 28 @ Phoenix 14 (dont know very much about either team but i hear that Spartans are ready but dont think your nfl punter or tight end, whatever he is will win you your ball games)

Bengels 7 @ W-Blitz 20 (Blitz win because of experience but dont let it fool you. the blitz are not that good)

Panthers 6 @ W-Revolution 56 (Will be a very very emotional game especially for the very few old panther players from a few yrs back that are now with the revolution. i see them trying to put up 58 to honor dave but they fall 2 pts short. I see the revo winning with no problem @ home)

W-Force 20 @ Crusaiders 13 (Game Of The Week. Crusaiders have nothing coming for the defending champs. i see the defending champs having a good season but a step short of a repeat championship)

Re: crfl week 1 predictions

Vipers 7 crush 28 (Crush has gained a lot of the Eagles and should be descent)

Cardinals 28 Raiders 14 (Cardinals have a lot of talent and the Raiders are still trying to get their new people up to Par)

Spartans 42 Pheonix 7 (The Pheonix is the old dark knights which was historically a weak team and the Spartans are looking to set the tone)

Panthers 14 Revolutions 24 (Revolutions will probably start off strong like last year then fade off)

Force 10 Crusaders 13 Both teams have a descent defense and big offenses, I think the Crusaders have learned from their mistakes)

Blitz 14 Bengals 17 (Bengals merged with a team from the GLFL and will give a surprise upset to the Blitz)