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6-9 This Weekend in INSPF

From the post of the message board, you can tell the football season is in full swing. Ear, eye, nose – it seems everyone has a mouth, but where is Supa? We sure do miss his predictions.

The State Rankings will remain unchanged this week due to there being only 4 teams that played this past weekend. We will update the ranking next week. The Naptown Scorpions have been removed from the website.

Let’s get to this weekend’s games. Go vote for who you think will win each game this weekend.

Springfield Headhunters @ Tornados
– The Tornados open up their season at home and couldn’t be more happy to host the Headhunters, a team from the AFL in 2011 where they had a record of 0-6 with 227 points scored against and 0 points on the season. Enough Said.

Game of the week –
River City Raptors @ Enforcers
– The Evansville Enforcers host their first game of the season against their rival River City Raptors. This game will be a measuring stick for the Enforcers on how much they have improved this season.

Preseason – Lake Co Steelers @ Destroyers

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Re: 6-9 This Weekend in INSPF

Where are these games taking place? and what time are the kickoff's? Thanks

Re: 6-9 This Weekend in INSPF

Correction: The Evansville Enforcers play the River City Eclipse at home this weekend. A much more formidable opponent than the now "extinct" Raptors, if you will, and the current Wildcats of Owensboro.