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Nose is a lame copycat!! Lol

Nose you are lame!! You try to make a character in be like EYE and the sky and EARS to the ground. But you know shit about football!!! Lol nobody take you serious!!!! You probably thing it's coo but it's not! Lol you are corny as hell! You making semi pro look stupid that's why I don't come on this site no more because of you!! Please give NOSE up in leave it to EYES AND EARS! Lol you are so corny lol NOSE tho REALLY?? Lol fuck it my new name is HIP!! Lmfao get the fuck out of here

Re: Nose is a lame copycat!! Lol

Brown nose you must have got you name from being buried deep inside a butt hole. Stop sniffing dookey. Use your eyes and stop staring into the brown one...Your posts reek worse than the hot fickle matter stuck to your nose. Go get into the shower and take your thought with you.

Re: Nose is a lame copycat!! Lol

Lol to be honest "football fan #1" bitch you don't know shit about football to Lmfao lol what you thought you had a friend. Naw mf I don't know you lol corny mf's this semi pro site is full of haters that hate on INDIANAPOLIS TEAM. ISPF where is the rules at smh you letting these dump ass characters fuck up your site. Lol I used to love this site positive feed back now everybody hate. Lol dumb bitches