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The week is finally upon us. It's time to separate the men from the boys. What are your predictions of the follow CRFL week 1 games:

Vipers @ Crush
Cardinals @ Raiders
Spartans @ Phoenix
Bengals @ Blitz
Panthers @ Revolution
Force @ Crusaders

Game of the week? Why?

Try to give reasoning behind your predictions, not just a score.


Time to FACE the music folks. Face believes that week one will bring out the contenders and the imposters of the CRFL. Here are Face's Predictions for week one.

Vipers @ Crush- With the crush combining with another team it made them a true contender in the Ohio division. Vipers just don't have what it takes to walk away with a win. Crush win 24-6

Cardinals @ Raiders- This will be a blowout game. The Raiders just haven't improved since last and will get walked on by the Cardinals. Cardinals win 38-0

Spartans @ Phoenix- There hasn't been much talk about the Spartans this year but Face believes they will be a solid football team. With the Hitman, Shamrock and Warriors combining teams, the Spartans had pickings on who they want to represent their team. Spartans walk away untouched 31-6

Bengals @ Blitz- The tail of two teams that won't fair well during the 2012 season. To much NON offense for the Bengals to handle The Blitz win 18-10

Panthers @ Revolution- As bad as FACE would like to see the Panthers win for fallen teammate Dave Coleman JR, FACE knows that they won't travel well enough to challenge the up in coming Revolution. Revolution win 56-6

Force @ Crusaders- FACE's game of the week. The defending Champions travel to Indianapolis to face the Crusaders. This will be a huge test for the Crusaders. After a disappointing win(if there is such a thing) over the Eagles, the Crusaders look to bounce back with a huge win. On the other hand, the Force look to put the Crusaders in their place by showing them why they are the defending champs. Face has to take the Crusaders on this very close game due to it being in Indy. Crusaders win 21-18

Face the Facts folks!! This is how week 1 will go. FACE OUT!


Miami County Vipers @ Ohio Crush (Kick-Off 1pm)

Ohio Crush suffered a couple of key injuries during their Preseason Game against the Tri-County Raiders. Assuming these key injured players are capable of playing June 16th, the Miami County Vipers will be unable to compete with the explosive offense of the Ohio Crush. Also, with a 90 degree high for Saturday, the conditioning of the Miami County Vipers LINEMEN on both sides of the ball is a huge concern to me.

Ohio Crush win their Home Opener

Crush 34
Vipers 13

Indiana Cardinals @ Tri County Raiders (Kick-Off 5:30pm)

Indiana Cardinals has athletes that are capable of putting up points on the scoreboard on either side of the ball on any given play. Tri County Raider's quarterback will become the Cardinal's best player by the end of this contest. Tri County Raiders, my advice to you is to RUN THE BALL! Clock management, time of possession & keeping your QB's interceptions to a minimum is the only way you can compete in this game.

Tri County Raiders will get desperate & will be forced to air it out; Indiana Cardinals win big!

Cardinals 48
Raiders 7

Tri City Spartans @ Ohio Phoenix (Kick-Off 5:30pm)

Two new teams, & yet another team named after a bird! (take a second out a count how many teams are named from a bird) The Ohio Phoenix have been really quite this preseason not revealing much @ all. I am starting to assume it is because there really isn't too much to reveal! The Tri City Spartans, which whom I refer to as "The Spartan Project" has gathered the talent pool from many local teams that have been unable to survive in the past, recruited a NFL Punter & began building from there.

I happen to like "The Spartan Project" & I have them "Projected" to Win & win BIG!

Spartans 35
Phoenix 0

Fulton County Bengals @ Miami County Blitz (Kick-Off 7pm)

Fulton County Bengals, being a new team & has had some late recruits, regardless, it is still a building year for them. Bengals are setting a good foundation & I hoping to be around for years to come. The Miami Blitz however, have been around. Unfortunately for the Blitz, it is a team literal for the "Weekend Warrior" or for guys that just want to play football.

The Miami County Blitz is content with just showing up & playing football, until they want to raise the par, Blitz will be 1-9 this year & they won't get their win this week.

Bengals 18
Blitz 6

Jay County Panthers @ Delaware County Revolution (Kick-Off 7pm)

A game with a cause & ESPN2 knows it. My hats off & my heart goes out to all the members of the Jay County Panthers Organization. Just for Zeb Sutton & the Panthers to step on the field once again is a win in my book. Enough said.

Panthers 2
Revolution 0


Midwest Force @ Marion County Crusaders (Kick-Off 7pm)

The 2011 CRFL Champions start their season out on the road against a team loaded with talent. The Indiana Eagles took some of the Crusader's swag & showed the CRFL exactly what we are dealing with. This game is going to be won with-out 40 yard bombs & gadget plays from way in the back of the playbook, this will be a chess match!

This game will be the one to watch & will solely depend on Coaching. Hardest game to predict, but I have to give the edge to the Midwest Force based on experience alone.

Force 20
Crusaders 18


These predictions are such a joke. Semi pro is not covered like pro, college or even highschool. There is no real way to "predict" any of these outcomes and then to write reasoning? Seriously? Laughable! You are only truely asking for bullentin board material. Games are played on the field and not on any messageboard. I read them merely for their entertainment.


Eye chose Joseph Oakes for Team EYE IN THE SKY. You have stood boldly with KEYBOARD in one hand and FLATSCREEN monitor in the other, and decided to FACE the enemy. Although we all hEAR, we sometimes allow our agendas to drown the sweet audible sound that is the beating HEART OF SEMI PRO FOOTBALL. SOOTHSAYERS BE GONE! For your predictions are nothing more than a personal hunch. Only God knows.....SAYS EYE



A prediction or forecast is a statement about the way things will happen in the future, often but NOT always based on experience or knowledge. While there is much overlap between prediction and forecast, a prediction may be a statement that some outcome is expected, while a forecast may cover a range of possible outcomes.

"Airplanes are interesting toys but of no military value."
~Marechal Ferdinand Foch, Professor of Strategy, Ecole Superieure de Guerre.

"Computers in the future may weigh no more than 1.5 tons."
~Popular Mechanics, forecasting the relentless march of science, 1949

You may consider Supafan the National Enquirer for midwest semi-pro football, but Joseph, not only did you get on here & read, you even quoted, "Laughable".

Is semi-pro like Pro, College, or even high school? No, but it could be. Semi-Pro is what we make of it. If Supafan had a headquarters, with a staff of employees, that traveled out to practices & looked @ talent, counted numbers, interviewed Owners, Coaches & players, just maybe, the predictions could be a little more accurate. But that is not the case, all we can do is use the tools of the internet, this site, Facebook, team websites, friends on teams to gather as much intel about a team as possible & post our results, some maybe using our gut, and make our predictions.

You can base scores, predictions, forecast by knowing #'s @ practice, strength of quarterback, running back & any other skilled position. Size, dedication, & experience of the players in the trenches. Coaches reputation, style & tendencies. There is several ways you can try & predict a game with out just grasping into thin air as you might think.

Joesph, your a man of integrity, I know that because you used your name. Instead of taking the time bashing other's work, I challenge yourself, & if you have the time, to take the CRFL Week 1 Challenge!!! Visit some of the CRFL Teams websites, look @ there rosters, check out their Facebook pages. Gather your intel, see if they have a strong armed quarterback, take notes to see if they have a kicker & if players are showing up to practice. Put all your info together & post us, here in Supa-Land your predictions!!!

I now must admit, I am very anxious to see your results & you learning that there is a little more thought into doing it than you think!

Supafans want to know!!! Get to work!!!


Well said Tailgater!!

Face the facts!! Tailgater is a TRUE fan. FACE OUT!!


Yet the very reason those reasons were put forth are the very reason EYE don't listen to Soothes. Until these perameters are met, Eye will stay in the Sky, but Eye will refrain from crystal ballisms, listening to the bones, reading palms, stars, migration patterns, shaking 8 balls, etc. SAYS EYE




All I asked for was your predictions. If you think they are stupid then don't read or respond to them. It's that simple.


Vipers Vs. Crush

Crush offense too explosive with the addition of some new players and vipers big men having to go both ways...dont think the Vipers are ready yet.
Crush 35- Vipers 10

Cardinals Vs. Raiders

Good game last year till after halftime...this Cardinals team is very athletic and if they finally found a qb they are a dangerous d in the league last year this year the d wont be able to keep them in games with the departure of the two linebackers in the middle Whitaker is reportedly a Lima Warrior and the older Martin brother is MIA...Poor qb play by the raiders will hurt them all year.
Cards 28 - Raiders 6

Spartans Vs. Phoenix

Spartans team is full of athletes with the folding of several teams in the area if they play together as a team sky's the limit for this team...just a new name for the Phoenix but same results as last year
Spartans 45 -Phoenix 0

Bengals Vs. Blitz

Bengals are a new team good game to start there season with the Blitz usually low numbers but these guys play hard especially at home.
Blitz 12 - Bengals 6

Panthers Vs. Revolution

My heart goes out to this organazation! Revolution ground game is going to be just to much for these guys to handle.
Revolution 56 - Panthers 0


Defending CRFL champion Vs the talk of the town...Force QB is very athletic with some good recievers ground game is kind of iffy but they have a solid defense maybe best in the league this year...Crusaders have some of the Generals best players a good running back and solid defense especially the middle backers.
Crusaders 21 - Force 17


Crush 14-12, Cardinals 42-6, Spartans 28-7, Blitz 13-12, Revolution 49-7, Force 24-16


"The crusaders have some of the Generals best players" . OK, wheeewoo. Im done luaghing now.
Only one player that is with the Crusaders was a starter for the Generals. The other players was back ups. Goode and Darrin are the only two that played. You guys need to open your eyes, the crusaders went all out and struggled to beat the eagles. Don't say it was pre-season. Every game counts in semi-pro football.

p.s. If your going to change your fake name into another fake name we still know it is you when you use the word"IN" instead of the word "AND". You guys kill me.


Starting players for the Generals last season -

Jeremy Hibb - not playing semi pro
Antwoine Mack - GENERALS
Djuan Self - GENERALS
Joe Zeunik - not playing semi pro
Kyle Ragan - not playing semi pro
Darrin Douthit - CRUSADER
Matt Childress - not playing semi pro
Chris Johnson - not playing semi pro
Tony Appleby - GENERALS
Jerry Goode - CRUSADER
Sean Foley - GENERALS

Ryan Harris - not playing semi pro
Tennesse - GENERALS
Kyle Harbaugh - not playing semi pro
Coop - not playing for the Crusaders
Chris Jennings - GENERALS
Bobby Asbery - GENERALS
Justin Carter - GENERALS
Alan Gray - GENERALS
Robbie Linville - GENERALS
Kalvin Harris - not playing semi pro

I count 11 starters still with the Generals, and only two starters that went to the Crusaders. And if i had to rank the starters I would put Darrin at #10 (out of 22) and Goode #21 (out of 22). No disrespect meant for them two...Who are 'some of the generals best players' do they crusaders have?

Seem pretty baseless argument if you ask me.


Force 36
Crusaders 12

I just hope this game doesnt end in a fight.

Nice Front

Way to stiff'n that upper lip. But of the 22 listed 15 earned a spot, 2 weren't starters and the others were jt's drinking bubbies or circle jerk pals still one in the same. The generals will meet the same fate as the dragons and every other team that little guy has touched. They wont be a 500 club this season or be around next season unless the stigma and a few of jt's buddies sale the team, it's a shame too cause the new coach could possibly change the atomsphere that the team has been left with.

Re: Nice Front

War & Peace: My list was made of what I thought was accurate and I could be wrong. I think the Generals are a couple lineman away from being very talented this season. Will they get those beef eaters? Not sure, but they still have talent. Only time will tell what they finish as. Who do you think needs to SALE the team? Is that supposed to be sail or sell? Not trying to get stuff started, or turn this post about the Generals, just wondering what you meant.

Re: Nice Front

to war & peace,
You are dumb ass. Your dad wakes up every day wishing he would have shot you on the wall but your mom being such a whore and paid him for the nutt he made you.
Every offensive player earned their spot. I hate Jeremy but he is hands down the best QB thats why the crusaders and everyone else wants him. The only player who didnt really earn his spot was maybe appleby. But he was better than all the other so called lineman on the team that was not starting.
As for the defense everyone knows carter got to pick his starters thats old news. JT wanted players to start but carter didnt want them to.
Now everyone knows JT does not drink so your wrong there too. As for being his buddies, let keep it real, WR wayne back up, TE chris back up, RB darrin plays with the crusaders, Goode plays with the crusaders, TE kyle starter. Thats the only players he is true friends with so you can fuck off with all that buddy shit.

Yep your right the Generals did meet the same fate as the other teams JT was with, CHAMPIONS BITCH! Don't know the real numbers but JT's record is like 68-4 with 5 undefeated seasons and 6 straight title games.
You can call him little but I see you was to scared to leave your name becuase you know he would beat your bitch ass. Your right they wont be a .500 team and thats becuase he is gone. Out side of all the soft ass back ups that always cry and go start their own team every player knows the truth that JT is the best damn coach around. JT is my cousin and I will stand up for him even though I know he can stand up for himself. It's soft ass bitches like you that good men like JT are no longer in semipro football. Get your back up buddies dick out your mouth and say your real name! As for the new Generals coach I wish him the best. I have never meet him but Im sure he is a good guy.

Also I know this is a Generals player who posted this because no one else has meet the new coach. Sorry you was not good enough to play for Josh but now you have your chance.

Re: Nice Front

Billy- I highly doubt this was a current generals player writing as war and peace. How many there even know a lot about the Dragons? Answer probably close to 0. No current general played with or against the dragons. Is war and peace full of it, yes....but I promise you he isnt a general, and probably hasn't even played for Coach JT, for if he had, he might not have liked him, but he would respect him.

War and peace.....piss off. JT did a lot for the Generals and is welcome on the sideline anytime. And the Generals are going nowhere. Not this year, the next, or five years from now.

Generals were sad to see JT go but understand why he made the hard decision that he did. Family comes first.

Side note....don't count the generals out yet, my crystal ball sees them finishing way better than .500

Re: Nice Front

Eye have been flying high, however, Eye have seen a good spot to land and comment on an observation Eye made. Eye see it as disrespectful how some tear down the accomplishments of certain organizations who have been successful for YEARS, but also want to issues a warning. Eye SEE the teams that feel they are LEGENDARY to Indiana Semi Pro. The individuals that play or played for them see themselves as Kings of the Mountain. The Generals, Tornados, and Mustangs have repectively run the yard for the last few years. (yes, Eye included the Mustangs) Kudos, but you are currently UNDER THE GUN. What have you done to preserve and ensure the future of your organizations? As the ELITE have you become a self-serving organizations or are you in this for the expansion of INDIANA semi-pro? Eye would like an answer to that please. Eye SEE the "Young Bucks" They are up and coming. Who will accomodate the new talent? Are the new teams and organizations the right fit to produce future CHAMPIONS, or is this just a play thing or phase that the owner is going through? ("I think I want a team") Are the front offices of the so called elite strong enough to churn out talent and dedicate to the future EVEN if they step away. Or is your team built around ONE person and his affiliates? Eye want to hear future plans.....anything else is living for today! SAYS EYE!



Face went 6 for 6 this weekend on the CRFL games.

Vipers 12 Crush 20 Cardinals 26 Raiders 6
Spartans 44 Phoenix 0
Bengals 8 Blitz 30
Panthers 0 Revolution 40
Force 0 Crusaders 43

Crush 24 Vipers 6 Cards 38 Raiders 0
Spartans 31 Phoenix 0
Bengals 10 Blitz 18
Panthers 6 Revo 56
Force 18 Crusaders 21

Face knows this was pure luck, as in what other people will think, but only time will tell.

FACE the facts!!! Face is 6 for 6 this far. FACE OUT!!