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6-16 This Weekend in INSPF

Its officially kickoff weekend for semi-pro in Indiana as the State’s two local leagues, CRFL and IFL take to the fields. The calendar may say June, but it’s more like August as the dry summers months of Indiana came a few early. This makes me believe that we are going to be in for a wild and thunderous end of the year. So get your games and wins in early ladies and gentlemen. Enough about the weather and on to the football.

Last weekend’s rankings have finally been posted and there is quite a bit of movement as the last few weeks have shifted from talk to action.


Xtreme @ Cutters:
Best game on the IFL docket this week. The Xtreme have been up and down playing 8 man football, but it yet to be seen how they covert to 11 man. The Cutters camp has been usually quite as normal but leaks are they’ve regrouped and added some weapons on offense.

Blaze @ Thuderhawks : The Thuderhawks take the field for the very first time but maybe rust against a Blaze team that has been together for the past few years and already have a pre-season game (or two) under their belts.

Eagles @ Wolfpack: The eagle may be the symbol of freedom and independence, but the wolfpack strength is in the pack.

Wildcats @ Destroyers: The Destroyers seemed organized and got the numbers to compete but the Wildcats chemistry from coaching staff to O-line will be the decisive factor in this game.

Game of the Week
Panthers @ Revolution:
The revolution had a strong showing against the generals and seem to have picked up a few more players looking to punch their ticket to a championship, but the tip of the hat goes to the players from the Panthers who take the field for their first game honoring their fallen brother. Rumor is ESPN will be in town for this game, all the more reason this is the GAME OF THE WEEK.

Force @ Crusaders: Enough has already been made of this game so there is no more to add other than the outcome of this game will impact both teams either way the rest of the season.

Upset of the Week:
Cardinals @ Raiders:
The Raiders seem to be improving while the Cardinals have been struggling with practice attendance. Raiders are the underdogs in this one but have the potential to upset the high flying cardinals.

Vipers @ Crush:
Two teams from Dayton – all that can be said is “Battle Royal”

Spartans @ Phoenix:
Never has there been so much talk about an NFL punter , expect McAfee from the Colts.

Bengals @ Blitz: New team with low numbers vs an old team with low numbers – in poker we call this a “push”

Enforcers @ Warren County Cyclone:
The Enforcers over the years have a tenancy to keep games very close, but the advantage goes to the home team this weekend. Indiana to Missouri is a trip for anyone, even Evansville.

Derby City Thunder @ Tornados:
An uder disappointing game last weekend has left us no choice to as the impact of this game, however a poll on the Thunder’s website has 34% of the vote calling for a Thunder blow-out win, but astonishing 26% say the game will be postponed due to the weather. Understandable, since the Tornados Siren seems to be stuck in the “ON” position from last weekend, their fans might just be confused.

That’s a wrap for This Weekend in Indiana Semi Pro Football. No fan voting this week on a part of the late write up. We’ll clean out all the hanging chads and have the election booth back up and running next week.

Play with Passion, Play with Pride, Lead by Example, Love this Game.

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Re: 6-16 This Weekend in INSPF

Hope this is the right place to post scores. Usually its black and white wrote out for me where to post it.

Eagles - 0
Wolfpack - 63

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Crusaders 43 Force 0

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Crusaders 43 Force 0

Ouch... Champs came up short!!

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spartans 44 phonex 0 good clean game