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A Birds EYE View

Eye feel like some of you are just as soft as today's society. Eye told my players not to.... Eye feel like if you are going to talk up your team.... Eye say "LET IT OUT". If you are proud, stand up. Why have we become this, "If I sit in the corner and be very, very, quiet, they won't see me and leave me alone." Where the BALLERS at??? Eye mean the play by the seat of your pants, sho nuff BALLERS! Eye remember when we use to let you know we were coming, knock your block off, help you put it back on only to knock it off again, shake your hand and mutually agree to do it all again! Eye think some of ya'llz girdles are really PAMPERS with pockets to put your pads in! Quit being soft! Eye am reposting this too, cause some of you need to hear this. SAYS EYE!


Once a week EYE will be posting "A Birds EYE View"....thank you for the support. Eye will try NOT to step on toes, but EYE will also try to keep it all the way REAL. EYE wanted to stay away from the whole weekly polling and predictions. This will be my contribution to Indiana Semi-Pro for 2012. If you don't like my view, feel free to blast me. Eye can handle it. If you like something that Eye put out, give me a HIGH FIVE! Eye just want us to be objective and provoke thought. SAYS EYE!


Re: A Birds EYE View

i respect your views and opinions but hate your uses of the English language.