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IFL Week 2 Predictions

FACE the facts here and I am going to give my predictions for week 2 in the IFL. I know some of you don't like predictions and assume that I am just throughing numbers out there. All I have to say to those people is DON'T READ THE POST!!!

Destroyers @ Eagles: Two of the worse ass whoopings of week 1 meet up. The Destoyers have some talent on their team but not enough to compete in the IFL this year. The have players playing out of their normal position and that is a direct reflection on their coaching staff not knowing how to utilize the players they have correctly. On the other side of the field, the Eagles should have started in a flag football league first. Destoyers get the win 28-6

Thunderhaws @ Wildcats: This will be the game to watch in the IFL. The Thunderhawks coming off an impressive win against the Blaze and the Wildcats pounced on the Destroyes. This is game is going to be separated by the defense. The Wildcats hold on to win this close game 28-21.

Wolfpack @ Xtreme: Last week the Wolfpack showed the Eagles what hard work and dedication will turn in to. Now it's time to teach that lesson to the Kentucky Xtreme. This game is going to get out of hand quick and the Wolfpack won't look back. Wolfpack 40-12

Cutters @ Blaze: The Cutters might be getting back to their old form. The grind out win against the Xtreme has some believing so. With the lose againts the Thunderhawks, the Blaze look to get back on track with their 2010 season and make a run at the champioship. This has been by far the hardest game to predict but I am taking the Blaze to win this 21-18.

There you have it Folks.

FACE the facts!! It's game time. FACE OUT!!!!