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6-30 This Weekend in INSPF

The past weekend was shocking. The Revo fall to the Vipers, the Wolfpack offense is silenced by the Xtreme, the Blitz score 48? the rumble in the park part 2, and the Tornados go 4-0 after 0-4.

The State Rankings are out, a bit late. The BCS rankings are also in that update. The standings has been updated and fan voting ballots have been reset.

Onto this weekend where someone is going to bring the heat!
(Ok its actually going to be hot everywhere, we’re talking record breaking hot)

Game of the Week –
Wildcats at Xtreme
– The wildcats know the past two years for their unstoppable offense travel deep into Indiana to the river were the Xtreme’s defense has been their story so far this year? Will the matchup end close? We think so.

Wolfpack at Blaze – A few years back it was the Blaze that took the Championship trip with a win over the Wolfpack, but the Wolfpack are 2-0 while the blaze and 0-2. Look for a different outcome this weekend.

Eagles at Thunderhawks – The sky’s cloud over and the eagles screech at the sound of thunderous touchdowns after touchdowns.

Destroyers at Cutters – The Destroyers are in trouble with rumors of an unhappy camp while the Cutters numbers continue to increase. Let’s cut to the chase and predict the cutters win big.

Phoenix at Raiders
– Two teams from the bottom 5, two teams 0-2. Bring your sparkers for entertainment; this is going to be a snoozer.

Tornados at Owensboro Wildcats
– The tornados look like their oldselves again, and will continue to do so if they keep playing teams like the Wildcats.

Short list this week. Too those with the weekend off, enjoy. Support a local team, donate $5 and catch a game.

Re: 6-30 This Weekend in INSPF

The rankings look good. No offense to the Cardinals, but Ear, how do you have them #2? I think thats a bit high and seems like you are biased to them. But besides that, looks good. Makes for better sense of who is playing who. Good work INSPF!

Re: 6-30 This Weekend in INSPF

The Nados 0-4 is wrong because a 4th loss would mean u are counting the game from last November. 0-3 FWIW.


Re: 6-30 This Weekend in INSPF