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Spartans Appeal - Suspensions Lifted

The Tri-City Spartans appealed the decision from the June 23rd incident. The owner meet via teleconference on Wednesday to vote on the appeal, discuss referees, sideline safety, as well as fan control.

#24 Mike Taulbee was trying to get #7 off the crusader player and what looks like he is stomping players, is actually being pushed by #4 of the Spartans who is actively trying to join in on the fight. Donald Keys #35 from the Crusaders remains behind the pile holding back a spartan player most of the time and is shoved towards the 10 sec mark of the second file, he returns a shove and is pulled away by his players. I do not see him stomping or kicking players either. After hearing all sides, looking at the videos again for the a vote was taken and it was unanimous that probation remains for both teams, head coach suspensions remain as a figurative punishment towards the teams, #24 and #35 suspensions and probations be dropped. #28 suspension remain.

Another vote on Johnny Gayles #7 from the Spartans took place to reduce his ban to a suspension and to reduce the suspension from a year to 4 games. The owners voted 7-1 to remove the ban, but to keep the suspension for the rest of the year.

This event was a black eye for the league and a majority of the owners felt the punishment was not strong enough. Both teams were warned that any more team issues and their team will be up for a vote on expulsion from the league.

It was mandated that all teams clean up the sidelines, removing coolers, chairs, and other personal items. It was also mandated that a person free zone be setup 15 yards from all sidelines that no fan can be in. It was also strongly encouraged to create a barrier between the fans and the players, and the sidelines.

Re: Spartans Appeal - Suspensions Lifted

What do you expect to get playin in the park