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Week 3 CRFL Prediction Channel Tailgate Party!

Miami County Blitz @ Indiana Cardinals (Kick-Off 4pm)

The Miami County Blitz & the Indiana Cardinals have hardly played a game this year by going up against teams sitting @ the bottom of the CRFL. The Blitz & the Cardinals BOTH will get their first true test this week as the neighboring teams battle it out in the Fort for their respect in the 2012 CRFL.

Although Blitz could do what they want by using there big line & their "Wish Bone" formation to put up some big numbers against Bengals & the Phoenix, the intensity & along with the Play Makers of the Cardinal organization, the Blitz are going to have more than they can handle this weekend.

Cardinals 38
Blitz 20

Tri-County Raiders @ Midwest Force (Kick-Off 4pm)

I really like this match up. Both teams have hit some bumps in the road & both teams are coming off "must needed" wins to keep the moral high in their organizations. Although the Force have a decent defense, I don't think their offense is capable of putting up points to "force" Duckett to throw.

The Raiders are coming together as family & supporting each other while the Force are still looking for answers. Raiders sneak by with a win this week.

Raiders 28
Force 20

*****GAME OF THE WEEK*****

Ohio Phoenix @ Fulton County Bengals (Kick-Off 5pm)

Why the Game of the Week you ask? Huge Divisional Rivalry Game in the easiest division in the CRFL. One of these teams COULD, not getting their hopes up, but COULD, make the 2012 Play-Offs!

[insert Jim Mora sound byte here]

"Playoffs? Don't talk about Playoffs! You kidding me? Playoffs??? I just hope we can win a game..."

I am so pumped about this game I might actually travel & watch this one myself! Something about these two teams with absolutely nothing to lose battling it out on the grid iron in mid 90 degree temps that excites me!

Phoenix has yet found the end zone as a franchise, Bengals bring home their first win & a chance for a Playoff run! Go ahead & mark that "W" in the win column for the Cats!

Bengals 20
Phoenix 0

Ohio Crush @ Miami County Vipers (Kick-Off 5pm)

The Miami County Vipers surprised the CRFL by pulling off the big upset against the Revolution that might just be the knock-out blow to that franchise. However, the Vipers "one play wonders" will be no match for the consistency of the Ohio Crush on both sides of the ball.

The Crush defense should have no problem matching up the 4 WR set of the Vipers, since that is what they have to do in practice against themselves. Crush come out big is this match up.

Crush 42
Vipers 12

Jay County Panthers @ Tri-City Spartans (Kick-Off 6pm)

The "Spartan Project" has turned to the darkside of the CRFL being labeled as the "Black Sheep". Would love to see what the impact of losing #7, Johnny "The Assassin" Gayles would do to this Spartan Franchise, but unfortunately the Panthers are not going to be that much of a test for them.

As Rapper Eminem says,"They feed me the fuel that I need for the fire to burn and it's burnin' and I have returned!" Spartans are on fire & on a mission to make a statement, unfortunate that the Panthers have to fall victim to this.

Spartans 56
Panthers 0

Delaware County Revolution @ Marion County Crusaders (Kick-Off 7pm)

Hardly going to be the match-up that we all was wishing for. Both teams severally damage & trying to pick up the broken pieces. Crusaders starting QB, if that is what you classify him as, & their huge nose tackle, are both out along with several others due to injuries & also the suspensions, go up against a dominating Revolution team, that was blindsided last week by a loss to a undersized, undermanned Viper squad out of Dayton.

Both teams enter this week with No Head Coach! As Crusader's Coach Mac serves his 1 game suspension, the Revolution's owner & Head Coach "Captain" Jack Spardlin resigns & their defensive coordinator is MIA.

Although the Crusaders are hungry to regain their respect & pose, and they will come out this weekend with the "W", not because they will beat the Revolution, Diversity will beat the Revolution.

Crusaders 28
Revolution 14

Re: Week 3 CRFL Prediction Channel Tailgate Party!

It's hump day & no one else has any CRFL predictions for this weekend?

Re: Week 3 CRFL Prediction Channel Tailgate Party!

Blitz @ Cards
Cards D too good, Blitz not ready to step up with the big boys yet Cards win 26-14

Raiders @ Force
Raiders winning ways over too soon, Force show they are still in the top half of the league. Force win going away 28-6

Game of the week
Phoenix @ Bengals
I too think this will be the best game of the week, atleast the most competitive.Phoenix score first points of franchise but still looking for first W. Bengals win 12-6

Crush @ Vipers
With all the talk about Crush not having their QB in the week 1 matchup we will see how much of a difference it makes, if any. Crush win 28-20

Panthers @ Spartans
Panthers too looking for their first points of franchise, but i dont see them scoring this week. Not even close Spartans win 41-0

Revo @ Crusaders
Both looking to bounce back from disappointment last week. Revo trying to prove they are still a playoff team. Crusaders just trying to finish a home game without a fight and stay in the league. Crusaders win 26-12

Re: Week 3 CRFL Prediction Channel Tailgate Party!

Where did you get the info that Jack Spradlin is resigning?

Re: Week 3 CRFL Prediction Channel Tailgate Party!

I was at that great game between the crusaders and spartans until that mess at the final few minutes. It was great play by both teams, athletes and qbs. But on here stating the crusadersqb if thats what you classify him is an understatement.the guy had around 15 competitions for over 200yrds, and 3td. The spartans qb can slang the rock around and was the reason I was at the game to see him vs the crusaders d. Just wanted to state this on here because it seems this prediction comes out as bashing and bias.

Re: Week 3 CRFL Prediction Channel Tailgate Party!

Better get off the tracks it seems that JT is getting in the engineers seat again and taking over the Revolution team have had a few people email me and ask if it is true not sure why they asking me but with all the talk there must be something to it.
So if that is the case and the Revo has combined with the Eagles as rumored the teams in the C.R.F.L. just got another team to worry about JT never been a loser anywhere he coaches.

Re: Week 3 CRFL Prediction Channel Tailgate Party!

Face back again to put his knowledge on the line. So, here we go.


Miami County Blitz @ Indiana Cardinals

This game will be a true test for both teams. As my fellow man "Tailgater" said, neither team has really played a game yet. This will let the rest of the CRFL know who is for real and who just happened to get the worst two teams in the league in week 1 and 2. The Cardinals have played the Raiders and Bengals who have giving up a combined 133 points in weeks 1 and 2. The Blitz also had a cupcake of a schedule so far with the Bengals and the Pheonix who have allowed a combined 219 points in week 1 and 2. The Cardinals won't have it as easy as their other two games but will pull out the W with a 30-20 win.

Tri-County Raiders @ Midwest Force

This is going to be a walk in the park for the Force. After that disappointing loss to the Crusaders in week 1, the Force look to be back to championship form with a convincing 48-0 win in week 2 against the Panthers. Congats to the Raiders for their first win on the season but might be your only. Force win big 35-0

Ohio Crush @ Miami County Vipers

What could be a preview of the Ohio Championship. The Crush came out on top the first go round with these two teams and the rumor is that the Crush didn't have their QB. The Vipers on the other hand just had an impressive win over the Revolution in week 2 and look to continue the momentum into week 3. The only difference is that the Crush won't turn the ball over 6 times like the Revolution. To much offense for the Vipers to handle. Crush win 35-20

Jay County Panthers @ Tri-City Spartans

I'm calling this one a forfeit by the Panthers. To many name calling and fingers pointing in the organization of the Panters. This is bad news for the Panthers and good news for the Spartans. This will allow the Spartans an extra week to gather themselves after the suspensions from the Crusaders game.

Delaware County Revolution @ Marion County Crusaders

So here come the rumors!! Eagles have joined the Revolution, JT is coming out of retirement to coach the Revolution and so on. 1. The Eagles joining any team isn't going to be an improvement!!(Sorry Eagles, I call it as I see it.) 2. I could be wrong but I don't see JT coming out of retirement to coach a team that is an hour away from Indy when the sole reason for him retiring was because of family time. Now driving an hour one way to practice twice a week, I just don't buy it. He has had plenty of offers to coach in the Indy area, why choose Knights Town? Like I said, I could be wrong though. The Crusaders are down a couple of players this week. Rumor is the starting QB, Yes I will consider him a starter since he threw for over 200 yards and 3 TD's against the Spartans, will be out. They have one player banned form the league and one on a 2 game suspension. I don't think this will slow them down as much as people are thinking. I believe the onwership change with the Revolutions has more of an impact than a few hurt players. Crusaders win 27-10

Ohio Phoenix @ Fulton County Bengals

A battle of the winless. Keeping this short and sweet, Bengals win 18-6.

Face the facts!! I'm ready for week 3. FACE OUT!!

Re: Week 3 CRFL Prediction Channel Tailgate Party!

You guys just took my Raider 28 win over the Force 20 & made the Raider Nation the underdogs! I hate to think I am that far off, but I could be! Can't wait for the results of this game!

As far as the Crusader's QB (if that is what you want to classify him)comment was meant no disrespect to Mr Blake Kennedy. Blake is an extraordinary athlete (I mean that) & can play a lot of different positions. Blake's natural position in Strong Safety, but likes to play like a linebacker, up in the box. The "old" Blake Kennedy is like who John Lynch of the Denver Bronco's was, (retired as a Patriot) which also made the Top 10 (@ #9) of the NFL's Top Ten Biggest Hitters. I do say the "old" Blake Kennedy because I have not seen this hungry side out of him in over two years. I think his hard hits have taken their toll & thats why he probably moved to offense.

Blake Kennedy @ quarterback, he is an athlete, can play multiply positions, but standing @ 5'10" & barely 165lbs, a quarterback he is not. I have personally only seen one "real" QB of this statue, & his name was Spud Dick (yes that is his real name) & he played for Depauw University Tigers (2006-10) & broke about every QB record the 100+ year football program had.

Needless to say, the T-Shirts that stated "We Love Dick" were top sellers @ Depauw those four years & if you think just when can a QB's name be any worse, the Depauw Tiger's name Drew Seaman has their starting QB for 2011!!!

Re: Week 3 CRFL Prediction Channel Tailgate Party!

Well folks, another week in the books and another great week for myself. Went 5 for 5 and 1 game postponed.

Actual scores

Blitz 0 Cardinals 6
Raiders 8 Force 18
Panthers 0 (Forfeit) Spartans 28
Revolution 22 Crusaders 29
Crush 28 Vipers 22

Face's predictions

Blitz 20 Cardinals 30
Raiders 0 Force 35
Crush 35 Vipers 20
Panthers 0 Spartans 28 FORFEIT
Revolution 10 Crusaders 27

This puts Face at 16/17 for the year and still going strong.


Re: Week 3 CRFL Prediction Channel Tailgate Party!

Nice job Face! I knew I shouldn't went with my gut on the Raiders! I am 14-17 & 7 weeks to go! I will try & catch ya!