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7-7 This Weekend in INSPF

Happy 4th of July! Let’s celebrate America, our Independence, or Freedoms, and our true gift to the world Football! (not the roundball version with short shorts and endless, pointless running, YUK)

It's vacation week and half of semi-pro world is on bye, the others are gearing up after a bye week.
Rankingsare up and the standings updated from the last weekend and the shocker of the weekend was that our #1 Wildcats fell to the Xtreme. Did that cause some shifts in the Rankings? You bet it did.
This weekend looks to be yet another 95 plus day. Drink that water. Water-chugging contest before kickoff anyone? I have a funnel and some clear tubing.

Game of the Week:
Blitz 2-0 @ Cardinals 2-0:
This is going to be the first true test for both teams and they spent the first few games of the season feeding on bottom teams. The Cardinals are in true form, looking for another shot at the championship. The Blitz are among the biggest surprises of the 2012 season, going 2-0 and scoring near 80 points. Blitz are still the underdogs here based on team size alone and past years performance, but can make a real statement this weekend.

Raiders `1-2 @ Force 1-1:
The Raiders and Force are both coming off of much needed big wins bring life into both teams. Bring your lawnchairs, no seriously the Force play in a cornfield, because this game could have impact on the Ohio playoffs.

Phoenix 0-3 @ Bengals 0-2:
two teams struggling not just to win games, but score points. The winner of this game could easily take first place in their division. No, really, first.

Panthers 0-2 @ Spartans 1-1:
The Spartans are still fired up about their suspensions and perceived screwing by the league and are deciding to take matter into their own hands. The Panthers are rumored to be in the middle of a player revolt from ownership of their own as well. This game could get ugly and out of control quick. Spartans favored by knockout in round 3.

Crush 2-0 @ Vipers 1-1:
This is the second time these two teams meet in three weeks. The Vipers, who lost by 6 points, pulled the upset in the game vs the Revolution. The Crush are looking to put this game away quickly as their team is 100% and their starting QB back in control. Winner of this game takes the advantage in the Ohio South Division.

Revolution 1-1 @ Crusaders 2-0:
The Crusaders have been backed into the corner with probation and suspensions brought upon themselves and their division rival is coming for them. The Crusaders have home field (dis)advantage as the Revolution look to bounce back from a win after a lose against the Vipers. Rumble at the Park 3? I’ve already seen pay-per view ads on late night supa-fan.

Kentucky Reapers 2-2 @ Tornados 5-0:
First a complaint – GDFL FIX YOUR LEAGUE WEBSITE! The Tornados host the Reapers and seem to have gotten more practice down on offense since their first matchup that ended in a 18-0 in favor of the tornados.

Enforcers 1-3 @ Midwest Chargers 4-0:
The Enforcers face a tough opponent this week, the league favorite Midwest Chargers. This could be a trap game for the Chargers as the Enforcers are not a team that you want to sleep on, however the Enforcers have to wake their sleeping offense if they expect to make this a close game.

There are the games for the July 7th weekend. Now head over to the Fan Voting Page and vote for your favorite team in each matchup.

Re: 7-7 This Weekend in INSPF

Rankings out! Oh yeah!