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Support each other

Ok I'll get blasted for this but gonna speak my mind anyway.
The cost of semi pro football is huge
it is the reason most teams fold.
One thing that could happen and would benefit everyone involved would be to have double header games.
Take a look at this you take an I.F.L. team
and match them up with a close by C.R.F.L. team and or maybe even a M.S.F.L. team and a C.R.F.L. team or and I.F.L. team and play at double header each week and split the cost of the field.
The bigger league team would play the 7pm game and the lower level league would start their game at 4pm
This would be a huge savings on fields for each team and it would put more fans in the stands.
It would also allow some teams playing on shitty dirt fields which are more condusive to injuries than turf fields to get off those dirt dust bowls and play on decent fields.
I know of a few teams who are really hurting right now because they play on dirt and have had several injuries to key players many don't even realize that it is their field causing much of the damage.
Everyone is always screaming support each other and help each other out so why now share facilities.
Just throwing it out there I know many of the ones that like to rant will have a field day but with so many teams struggling it is time to be inventive and come up with new ideas and ways to operate.
For instance take the new team the Nighthawks inviting the new team Crusaders they split the field and both come out ahead, or take the Generals and have them play a 7pm game with the Destroyers playing at 4pm.
Open your minds and think it would work out. It could be any number of combination of teams I was just using four Indianapolis based teams as an example.

Re: Support each other

Not a bad idea! Says Eye!


Re: Support each other

Thanks for the comment eye the situation with a field means more than most know and it is a proven fact that many injuries that occur on dirt could be prevented by playing on turf field look no further than the crusader team and all their knee and ankle problems the field they are playing on is worse than playing on asphalt or cement. Sorry to say this but look for injuries to both them and the Revolution on Saturday night unless that field get water and lots of it.
Maybe if people would check their egos for a while and work together instead of against each other things could and would be much better.

Re: Support each other

Why is it that the top notch programs have to help the lesser programs who most likely broke off and thats why they are playing in parks. It surely isnt easy locking down the good turf fields, and to let some team come 'share' it when they cant respect the parks they play in....liabilities... Instead, how about totally drop your egos and not have 80 teams in indiana where half of them fold each year. then maybe you wouldnt have 10 teams playing in parks. And that starts with the leagues setting higher standards for teams to join.