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All this talk about CRFL is weak stuff

I have played in the Ifl, I played in the old MFL, I played in the MSFL, and now playing in the CRFL. I wanna know why everyone keep calling it weak because its smaller for smaller teams. Every league has bottom feeders, everytime has big dogs who blow thru everyone. So how is CRFL the weakest. I have played against great players, played with great players, played against garbaged players and played with garbage players in each league around here there really is no diff. Just the scenery and how things are ran, or the size of teams. And if any league want to say the CRFL is soft. I say we get a vote, and let a ALL CRFL team play a All MSFL team, or a All IFL team and really see who is the ALPHA DOG. I would say MSFL because they do have more athletes but thats cause there are bigger teams out there in that league, but its a close competition not no land slide. All leagues are competitive PERIOD