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DBL that was funny dude. Thanks for the laugh. Did you stay up all night thinking of that. I don't know who your are and really don't care. I'm not going to get on here and talk trash with any body. So if you want to pad up and go head to head with this Telly Tubby I would love the practice dummy. Lmao don't worry you'll still be able to get on here and talk shit. So if you aren't scared to get hurt by this Telly Tubby just call my coach and set something up. A real man says shit face to face not behind a screen. I know your probly going to try and say some thing funny or talk shit about me, but I playing a real game wail you site at a computer.

Re: Funny

Mike.. or should I saw lennie from of mice and men. or Tom Cullen from the stand... If those are above your 5th grade reading level... then patrick from sponge bob square pants.. or Tennesee Tuxedo or any other mindless sideshow cartoon character.
I am sorry for the late response but your 5 am message was to much for me. I cant compete with your brain on fresh 5am krispy kream doughnuts.
Your old school wwf bam bam bigelow stomps looked pretty realistic to me and your tella tubbie ass should be suspended.

Re: Funny

I am ready to go one on one with you, but you will not be able to handle me. Your a rejected local fake wrestling thug. Just let me drive up north and we can have a fully padded 1 on 1 event. Bring the cameras. I want this on youtube also and I would like to see if you can try and lie your way out of this one.