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First the Eagles, next the Destroyers?!?! Plus the Indiana Generals...

The news of the surprising, not-so-surprising folding of the Eagles came later than most would have expected, lasting just long enough to play their self- proclaimed arch rivals the Destroyers. Arch rivals? and they both were 1st year teams.....smh! And like their 1 point loss, it is no need to talk about them anymore.

Now the oh so promising Destroyers have begin to slowly drop ranks with a few players noted signing with the Mustangs and Nighthawks. In a question posted to a former player, name not to be revealed, about whats going on within the camp, the response was "I pay to play, yet people in "the front office" i.e. owners, makes it seem like I owe them something. Its no love, no care for, and barely any respect" This is not looking good, lets hope they rebound and give us a whole season.

On a good note one of my favorite teams, a veteran team to the semi pro game will begin playing soon. The one and only Indiana Generals. Whether win or lose you have to respect the longevity of the organization. I hope I can get off work to attend some games. And yes I am going to go ahead and slate them for championship on the hand of favoritism.

Best of luck to all the teams out here in semi pro land. Stay hydrated, stay hydrated and stay hydrated.