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what is wrong with semi pro

Ok I'm going to try and express my frrling here and I hope this does not get taken the wrong way.
I feel there is a severe lack of respect in semi pro football in Indiana. First off take the post the other day from someone posting as jim allen the guy blasted a Crusader player which we all know would not have come from this guy I have met him and I don't think you will find another person in semi pro football as passinoate as jim allen he loves the game and he truely loves giving back to his community. The only other person who I know that is as passionate about is Josh Tarhune and he is another guy who loves the game. I got to meet jim all at a Crusader game a few weeks ago and I spoke with im for about 30 minutes please Mr. Allen if you remember that conversation please do not give my name out. I flat out asked the guy why he left the Cutter team the way he did and he explanined it was for the benfit of the game and differences of opinion with Brent Slinkard and John Shean. He went to the Generals because of Coach JT He said he is now friendly with most of the Cutters what most don't undetstand is this man along with his friend Slainkard created and gace birth to the Cutters and if not for him there would not be a Cutter team in its 6th seasion yet he is banned from their games. I'm wondering why??? Then the JT asked him to be a member of teh Generals and he accepted now granted it was after that season ahd started and probably would have been better to sit out a season but he didn't and the Cutters won the ship that year. He told me he and JT were still tight and that is good but this is what is wrong with footballball at this level NO RESPECT!!! ok so the guy acted like a ass and had fireworks shot off in Bloomington in 2009 forget it and move on the way i hear it and this is straight from his mouth he has even tried to help former Cutters in securing a job.
All I have seen this year is talk and statements saying JT is a bum and Allen is a ring chaser hey get over it they are waht semi pro need and they are good for it. I go to Crusader games and Generals games because of Allen and JT and if people would just stop ahting they might just see how these two guys think. Indiana could be a hot bed for amature football but not until people reconize who is working to make it better. I know the JT and Allen haters will blast this so bring it on but I'll say it again there would be no Cutters without Allen and the Generals would not have win a ship without JT and Allen teaming up so blast me and them and make semi pro look bad but I think each of those teams should hono those guysthis year they are good for football in Indiana.

Re: what is wrong with semi pro

have to agree with you allen and jt were always a great pair and allen is a promotion guy for sure not much of a coach but as faras promotion goes he was good I think he even had the mayor of indy at a game last year and he was good at taking a new idea and making it work he and jt are going to be missed for sure. What is sad is even with the founding of the cutter team and winning a championship he has never had a night to say thank you from them and the same thing goes for jt never got to have a night to honor the championship with the Generals maybe someday these two teams will do the right thing and publicly say THANK YOU for a job well done by two very nice guys who love the game of football. Maybe this has been tried and they turned it down but hey allen started the cutters on a very cold january day in 2007 and jt and he took the Generals team to a championship that steam rolled anyone in their way so in my opinion they should receive some kind of reconition.