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Tailgate Party! CRFL Week 4 Predictions Start Here!

Midwest Force @ Ohio Crush (Kick-Off 5pm)

The Ohio Crush are undefeated (3-0) & hosting their Ohio South Division Rivals, the Midwest Force. The defending CRFL Champions have been seemed to be overlooked since there huge lost (43-0) against the newcomers, the Marion County Crusaders Week 1. The Force are on a 2 game win streak & a win this week will put your Midwest Force on top, maybe what might be, the tightest CRFL Division.

This game is basically Size against Speed! If this was a heavy weight boxing bout, I would have to go with the huge blows you get with Size, but since it's football, Speed Kills! The spread offense & the DB's have too much of advantage over the big Force team. My money is on "Thee" Ohio Crush.

Crush 24
Force 12

Miami County Vipers @ Ohio Phoenix (Kick-Off 5pm)

North vs South. ...ok, ok, there is absolutely nothing I can say to get a game not even Helen Keller would watch. The good news is, the Miami County Vipers are going up against a team that their o-line can actually block!

The Vipers don't have to resort to their gadget plays nor will there QB's have to run for their life to make something happen, they can actually can sit back & try playing football. Vipers win big against a scoreless Ohio Phoenix.

Vipers 36
Phoenix 0

Fulton County Bengals @ Tri-County Raiders (Kick-Off 5:30pm)

I must apologize, both these teams are on my (I'll be nice) ....Naughty List.

Bengals, Bengals, Bengals.... I gave you the "Game of the Week" last week. You were in the spotlight, Play-Off opportunities & a huge chance to pull off the win! I gave you the chance to take the ball, get a win, make some changes & roll with it. All you did was fumble. Game postponed to heat? Your the only team that postponed their game! You just told the league your heart isn't in it & you really don't want to play.

Now Raiders. You are my 'Rocky' of the CRFL. The core of players you got have great heart & determination & I like that. I wish I had an answer for the Raider organization but I don't. It's time for change, & the change has to happen now. Whatever you are doing now isn't working. You have two easy weeks to regroup, make some personnel decisions & prepare for a MUST WIN against the Force.

Raiders 42
Bengals 8

Indiana Cardinals @ Tri-City Spartans (Kick-Off 6pm)

The Indiana North Division has turned out to be just flat out SCARY! It is the most toughest hard hitting division that I have ever witnessed. Unfortunately last week has a HUGE IMPACT on what this game could have been.

The "High Soaring" Cardinals went to war last week against a huge aggressive Miami County Blitz team (holding the Cardinals to only 6 points) while all the "Spartan Project" had to do was hang in the shade & watch due to a forfeit. The Tri-City Spartan's, even without #7 Johnny "The Assassin" Gayles, with a two week off break, take advantage of home field advantage & the beaten up Cardinals & hand the Cardinals their first lost of the season.

Spartans 28
Cardinals 14

***** GAME OF THE WEEK *****

Marion County Crusaders @ Jay County Panthers (Kick-Off 7pm)

This game IS going to happen & you WILL want to be there. It will be a special game to be part of as Anthony Coleman prepares his Jay County Panthers for their last hurrah. This game will be emotional & to be be remember for years to come.

R.I.P. David Coleman

Panthers 58
Crusaders 0

Miami County Blitz @ Delaware County Revolution (Kick-Off 7pm)

Are the Miami County Blitz the "Real Deal"? The West Central Wildcats use to be the laughing stock of the MFL. The Indiana Generals (AKA Hendricks County Generals) use to be the joke of the IFL. Just to prove if you stick around long enough, you will get your chance to be on top. (with an exception of the Detroit Lions) This Blitz team is just down right "Nasty" (I mean that in a good way)

The Delaware County Revolution is their own worst enemy. Teams don't beat the Revolution, diversity & politics beat the Revolution, along with the tons of turnovers. "Team Revo" is lacking leadership & until they obtain that leadership & can focus all on the same goal, they can not win a game.

Can the hungry Miami County Blitz deliver the final blow to knock out the Revolution for good? Not sure, but I bet the Blitz will win.

Blitz 34
Revolution 20

Re: Tailgate Party! CRFL Week 4 Predictions Start Here!

Nice predictions, all but the cards game. Course I am a card, I am not goin to agree with the outcome lol. it will be close, it will be a hard fought game, but Im goin to have to put the cards on top with a win.

keep up the good work though, i enjoy reading all you guys predictions

Re: Tailgate Party! CRFL Week 4 Predictions Start Here!

Well, Mr. Tailgater I am here to offer my expertise. I will call all the games for week 4 so be ready to put some money down. HERE WE GO!!

Midwest Force @ Ohio Crush

I was hoping that the Force would get their act together but after an 18-6 win against the Raiders has me wondering if this is the same team as last year. Other the other hand, the Crush have been able to put some wins together and look to be the team to beat in Ohio. The Crush add another "W" in their win column 31-17

Miami County Vipers @ Ohio Phoenix

The Phoenix are still looking for their first points for the 2012 season. Bad news is that it's not going to happened in week 4. The Vipers have to much just on special teams that will kill the Phoenix. This is going to be a VERY LONG game fo the Phoenix. Vipers win 55-0

Fulton County Bengals @ Tri-County Raiders
In a division that winning 3 games could get you to the playoffs, this will be an important game. If the Bengals pull this game off, they will take over 1st place in their division. Bad thing is they have only score 8 points in two games. This game will take more than that to win. The Raiders pull this off in a 30-12 win.


Indiana Cardinals @ Tri-City Spartans

This will be the first real test of the year for the Cardinals this year. The Spartans are well rested and is looking to go bird hunting on Saturday. This will be the battle of the QB's. The only thing that will lose this game for the Spartans is their secondary. Their secondary was embarrassed against the Crusaders giving up around 200 yrds passing. If they can control the deep ball, they win. I will take the Spartans on this close game 29-22.

Marion County Crusaders @ Jay County Panthers

Both teams will be the winners in this game. The Crusaders will win the ball game but the Panthers will have a moral victory for getting back on the field and honoring their fallen teammate David Coleman
Jr. R.I.P #58!!!!!!

Miami County Blitz @ Delaware County Revolution

The Revolution are fallen a part and fast. The good thing is that they are playing the Blitz at home. If this game was in Miami County, I would say there would be no way the Revolution would pull this off. The Blitz have started off the season hot but they haven't played anyone except the Cardinals. The Revolution win this one in close fashion 22-20.

There you have it. Face the facts, FACE OUT!!!

Re: Tailgate Party! CRFL Week 4 Predictions Start Here!

Force @ Crush
Winner takes control of Ohio South division, still worried Force week 1 game wasnt a fluke. Crush win 34-13

Vipers @ Phoenix
Phoenix still dont score 32-0 Snakes

Bengals @ Raiders
Raiders show they are the best of the worst in the Ohio North. Raiders win 28-6

*Game of the week*
Cards @ Spartans
Cards are the elite in the Indiana Conference,mainly because they have the best D hands down, every team is looking to knock them down. Spartans come close but fall a little short 14-12

Blitz @ Revo
Revo looking good but catching any breaks, fall just short again this week Blitz win 22-20

Panthers have unfortunatley folded wish they cound have stayed around atleat one year for Coleman RIP 58