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Ear is in the building

Ear has taken a vacation from this site. Hoping that Ear would come back and see that people were just bored and decided to start trash anyone that moved. Likely Targets being the Generals and Tornados. It's easy to pick on the big dawgs. For those who haven't been picked on, you have still been abused. Every time an idiot gets on here, they make an ass out of SEMI-PRO football. Disrespectful asses are why it has a bad name. Ear challenges you all to tone it down, and use that energy to better your team, instead of worrying about tarnishing others. Good luck to all. Last bust not least, if you are going to bash an individual or team, say your real name. If not, then you are a scared child pretending to be a man.

P.s. Ear will post his ranking shortly - let the controversy begin.

Ear is out