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7-14 This Weekend in INSPF

This is Monkey week at INSPF and we’re throwing the poo out of the cage. Really. Bye Bye Destroyers and Panthers. Maybe some of their players can be reused like manure. Sure those other players will complain about the smell, but if it helps your team grow, then spank my ass and make me smile.
Indiana, its Week 4 in the IFL, CRFL – Week 1 in the MSFL and Week ???? in the others. Let’s get ready to Rage.

Game of the Week
Generals @ Nighthawks:
An instant rivalry at conception . Much like Stewie Griffin and his evil twin. Expect a large crowd and a lot of talk. I hope they got the trainer standing by because this is going to be a knockout. The Generals learned a lot with their offseason lost to the Revolution and devoted their time and resources into recruiting, the type that the NCAA doesn’t like. The Nighthawks on the other hand stood on the sidelines showing off the Nighthawk merchandise line wooing players with flashy graphics and discounted gear. Experience matters, and I’ll take the Generals win 12 point spread.

Steelers @ Mustangs: The Steelers start the second half of their season about 5 weeks of pre-season action. The Mustangs, (I refuse to call them the Kokomo Mustangs – they do nothing in Kokomo) have been the keen of the four teams, from barely starting the season with 10, the old man waited and knew, after a few weeks, the players would come. Their numbers have increase dramatically in the past three weeks with the folding of teams across central Indiana. I have see this playbook before from Stamper and hope the outcome is different, but expect the Mustangs to get out of the gate early. Stangs by 21.


Blaze @ Eagles nope Xtreme @ Destroyers nope we are down to two games a week in the IFL. Ouch.

Thunderhawks @ Wolfpack: Past rivals bump heads in this one with another orange and yellow to outshine a mid summer sunset. The Wolfpack sit on top of the rankings and have their neighbor looking to knock them off. What a great place to have a game! The fans of Noble Co are loud and get the job done – and so will the pack win by 10.

Cutters @ Wildcats: Two teams with one loss each and both willing to do anything to drop to .500. This one is a toss up after the defense of the Xtreme held the power offense of the Cats hostage. Can the Cutters notable defense do the same? 3 point advantage to the home teams Wildcats win.

Cardinals @ Spartans:
Two teams equal on all sides of the ball. They nearly match up one for one across the board per talent. The deciding factor will be time and travel. Will the flight from the next loose a few of the flock or have two weeks of inaction dulled the spears of the Spartans? Watch for the highlights to be on Sportcenter cause ESPN will be in the house. Cardinals pull the spoiler and bomb the secondary of the Spartans. Cards by 14.

Force @ Crush: Top two teams battle in round one for first place in the Ohio Conference. The Force seem only partially stunned by their week one goose-egg and seem back in winning ways, the Crush have only close victories over the Vipers ,the silent killer of the Ohio South. The game will be the closest of the weekend, but the 2 point victory goes to the Crush.
Vipers @ Phoenix: The vipers make a quick snack of the Oreos as the Phoenix go scoreless for the fourth game in a row.

Bengals @ Raiders: Both seem to have picked up Panther droppings and should at least power them though 4 quarters of play. The unknowns here are many but the raiders are now on game 5 the Bengals are on week 3. Experience matters as the Raiders win the pooper scooper of the week award. Raiders by 6.

Blitz @ Revolution: How one handles adversity can determine a lot of a playoff caliber team. Make no joke, winner of this game will go on to win the final seat of the Indiana playoffs. The blitz come off a scorching hot defensive performance, while the Revo continues with no one to direct the troops. The general has left and many have left for the generals. Blitz do something not seen since there was last a leap year, win on the road. Blitz by 6

Crusaders @ Panthers: To #58. Sorry Brother - this was suppose to be your homecoming, your time shine. Here is to you and you alone.

Oak Grove Outlaws @ Tornados:
The Tornados been the talk of the town, actually nationally. Did I see their team on CNN? Bravo to you Jessica. Tornados win by 18

Enforcers @ East Side Justice:
I hope the Evansville Team scores some points in this game, because it SHOULD be the highest scoring game of the year for the Enforcers. If they don’t break 30, they won’t break a 100 on the season. Enforcers by 18.

Now it took and millions of moneys typing on a million keyboards a week to come up with those predictions. Hope you don’t play against any of them this weekend.

Good luck everyone, and good riddance. I got money shit all over the place.