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cards, crusader

the crusaders have a nice defense but they play hella dirty, uncalled for thugs. the cards have a great defense that plays hard. plus their offense of line have 4 atheletic guys that are at least 6'2 300 of mean muscles. my prediction is the cards and #37 plow drive the crusaders. and send them cryin ass cheatin ass crusaders were they belong outta this league and in to sumbodys precint. unless jj tells the refs again wut they will and will not call the cards win this easily.
cards bring your video cameras because the crusaders win by any means neccasary. instead of calling them crusaders, call them the bums who couldnt make it on the generals.

Re: cards, crusader

Why does everything have to do with the Generals? The players that left did just fine with us last season. They just needed a change. Nothing wrong with that. A lot of the 'beef' between the Crusaders and the Generals is made up of people like you who talk shit without no knowledge of whats going on. Quit trying to stir up crap. Crusaders - do what you do.

Re: cards, crusader

instaed of kickin them off for a new change of scenery u should have placed them in jail, becuase thats the only place they belong. napeir, morrow and #7 are punks and dont deserve to play ball . straight up thugs like i said generals rejects,

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They are thugs, yet you speak great "PRISON". #Prison as a SECOND LANGUAGE. Tighten that up, then try again. A dummy calling someone a thug. Go figure! SAYS EYE!


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crfl fan
instaed of kickin them off for a new change of scenery u should have placed them in jail, becuase thats the only place they belong. napeir, morrow and #7 are punks and dont deserve to play ball . straight up thugs like i said generals rejects,

You have lost all credibility no CRFL Fan. First, if you are gonna call people out as punks, how about using your real name. Second, Napier never played for the Generals, Morrow - Yes, and I dont believe #7 did either.

Re: cards, crusader

the crusaders are lead by known cheaters and thugs the morris clan and the jackson bum they are the dirtest team in smi pro football but they will take theirselfs out of the leaque as soon as someone beats them the thug in them will come out and they will start another fight then try to blame the other team for starting it like the did the spartans they could not stop #7 so they kick him out for the season now that is some dirty shit

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LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!

Re: cards, crusader

Why does everyone talk about the Generals, the Cardinals & the Crusaders? Because they get a reaction! Period! People have thrown out bait to other teams & didn't get a bite, but if someone whispers anything about these three teams (and a couple of others) it turns into a 86 post thread. You don't hear anything about the Crush, the Raiders, the Mustangs, the Thunderhawks. Hell, the Phoenix haven't scored a point all year but people get on hear & talk about how bad these three undefeated teams suck???? (no offense Phoenix, just stating facts)

There are three general motives behind people talking bad about other people & teams.

Motive 1~ They're talking on this board trying to solve a problem they're having with the individual, team or coach but lack the skill to do it in a kind way. These people are more than likely the ones who can not type & there paragraph lacks spaces, commas & periods.

(In this first category of motives, the person talks about the problem they are having, may go into a little detail, may exagerate a little, but their motive is mainly to get an idea of how to solve the problem, and not to try to hurt the other person. They may talk inappropriately, or in a way that may leave a negative light on the person or team they're talking about, but its not always meant to be hateful.)

Motive 2~ They want to discredit the other person or team, or cause harm to that person or team. Their motive is to hurt, or they feel they must defend themselves from hurt. It might be out of jealousy or vengeance towards a person or team this person has had a bad experience with.

(This category of people who talk bad about another person or team is to just cause harm: For example, a player might bad mouth another player or team who seem to be a player or team more liked than him or his own team. A person does this because they feel like he must manipulate the people around them to make himself feel better about his own situation, including getting revenge. So usually, people who talk maliciously are really very terrified people.)

Motive 3~ They want to be accepted, so they join in threads & find common humor, evil, etc. to talk about to make themselves feel better. They may even hide behind fictious names, preferably names after body parts like Eye, Ear & Face! (Just joking guys, just trying to get a laugh)

(These people are a combination of the two catagories above. They talk about others because they have nothing better to do. They just talk without considering the people, teams or friendships that will be damaged, its just for entertainment purposes only.)

Bottom line, people posting under fictitious names trying to harm and manipulate, usually means the more sensitive and insecure that person is on the inside, so much so that they feel like they are in control & controlling everyone on a message board somehow adds stability to their own lives.

The solution is simple! When you are posting about a person, a team or a league & you have to do it under a fictitious name because you don't want to suffer any consequences, then you probably shouldn't post it. This message board is suppose to be an information tool & the official "Midwest Prediction Center" & I am probably one of the few that actually use it for its intended purpose. Check IP Addresses, I have never changed my name or pretend to be someone else to purposely cause harm to others. Plus I feel my unique style of typing & wording, I would for sure get caught!

"Until next time, take care of yourself, & each other" ~Jerry Springer