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7-21 This Weekend in INSPF

We are to the middle of the season of Semi-Pro Football in Indiana. The teams to beat have been established, the team on the bubble of playoff runs continue to push, and the teams that are doing their best continue to hang in there. But it takes one injury, one game, or one event to change it all and we’ll be here to report it.

Last week state rankings have two ties in the top five, how will those teams fair this week? Who will stay up and who will drop?

Game of the Week
Chicago Thunder (1-0) @ Indiana Generals (1-0):
Last year this was the matchup that said the Generals as here and will be a championship team. Their season ended a bus ride and one win away from their goal, but to make the noise they did in one of the best, if not THE BEST league in the Midwest was unheard of and it was the Thunder game that made headlines. Back to 2012 and the Generals has underwent a shift, losing a head coach and nearly did summer-saults out of the starting blocks. Their defense nearly lost them the game against a Nighthawks team that spent 3 quarters being nugged out of the nest to fly that first time. The Generals cannot make the same mistake again. All is good in the Generals camp, for now, but look for the Thunder in the windy city to take Naptown by storm. The Generals loose by 14.

Nighthawks (0-1) @ Lions (1-0): The important of at least one pre-season game was a lesson learned by the Nighthawks last weekend. Their team had no rhythm, what looked like little leadership on the sidelines. It wasn’t until the 3rd quarter was personal changes made that allowed the Nighthawks to come back for a chance to win the game. This is a first year team, with a first year head coach. Too many mistakes made and this season is going to be a rough one as the MSFL will test you with the best. With the Nighthawks only just learning how to fly, they face a long road game vs one of the better MSFL teams. The Nighthawks continue to learn, but come home with a lost, Lions by 18.

Mid-Steel (1-0) @ Steelers (0-1): It’s the same only story here for the Steelers. They have to protect their quarterback if they expect to play one that is immobile out of the pocket. They just don’t have enough numbers or youth to compete in this league and some would be better suited for the café line at MCL. The Steelers host the Steel in Northwestern Indiana and the smell is not that of sulfur, but the old goose egg laid yet again by the Steelers. Steel by 28.

Mustangs (1-0) @ Cowboys (0-1): A bit of a different story here with the Mustangs. The team is full of veteran players and coaches. While they just come together in the last few weeks, their professionalism has quickly formed a trashing of the Steelers yet unmatched this season. I expect the team to continue to gel as they pick up more of the missing pieces. First road game of the season is always the hardest, but the Stangs be doing it right, and they will travel home with the only win in the Indiana Division this week in the MSFL. Mustangs by 7.

Cardinals (4-0) @ Blitz (2-2):
The two teams meet again as the last meeting still has us all scratching our heads. How did a team of 20 hold the Cardinals to 6? As the division is still up for grabs, the Cardinals look not to make the same mistakes as their last game. I could easily go Cards again on this matchup but a home game for the Blitz and travel for the Cards leave enough unknowns to call this one a toss-up. Cardinals by 2.

Crusaders (4-0) @ Revolution (2-2): Yet another matchup revisited. Last week were good for both teams as the Cardinals spent the bye week getting healthy and the Revolution went home to rediscover their swagger. The Revolution will have lost a few players to the MSFL teams and the Crusaders report back at full strength with all their suspensions served. Crusaders win by 7.

Vipers (2-2) @ Force (2-2): Division matchups continue as we look at the Ohio South. The Force look to previous meetings with the Vipers and walk in the game with confidence. The Vipers look at their body of work on the season and do the same, and it’s going to be the Vipers on top in this one. Vipers by 3

Raiders (2-5) @ Phoenix (0-4): This game wraps of the division play and the Raider face the donut makers Phoenix. Raiders can throw 6 INTs and still win this game but I suspect the shocker to be the Phoenix do score their first points of the season. Raiders win by 28.

Spartans (2-2) @ Bengals (0-3): The Bengals wrap up their games vs the league toughest division, and don’t expect them to win, however, I do see the Bengals taking their lumps in stride and becoming a better team in the process. The Bengals make a last season push for the final wildcard spot, but it doesn’t start this week. Spartans by 28.

Enforcers (2-4) @ St. Louis Spirit (0-6):
The Enforcers travel to St Louis again and take on the Spirit. The Spirit have scored a low 12 points on the season after 6 games, that’s 2 pts per game. The Enforcers make their march toward 100 point on the year with this game, and Win by 12.

Tornados (6-0) @ Derby City Thunder (2-3) :
The Tornados take a short travel to Louisville and take on the Thunder. In their last meeting the Tornados won 27-8 and the Tornados continue to grow stronger adding depth both on the field and on the sidelines. Tornados win by 21.

That is it for the week. Have fun, be safe, play some football.

Re: 7-21 This Weekend in INSPF

Forcd 29 Vipers 0

Re: 7-21 This Weekend in INSPF

Cards 23
Blitz 0

Re: 7-21 This Weekend in INSPF

Spartans 30 Bengals 6

Re: 7-21 This Weekend in INSPF

Please put scores (including the ones already posted) in the other thread. Some details from the games would be great also.

Re: 7-21 This Weekend in INSPF

Generals 17-thunder 19- the Generals was winning the whole game and let the thunder come back to win to hit a game wining field goal with no time left

Re: 7-21 This Weekend in INSPF

Crusaders 12-2 vs the revolution