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Amazing this forum was to be un edited

Go figure why is one of the only posts that ever get deleted from this message board and it was deleted!!!

Supa WTF are you doing o wait who is in control of this board since he is moving on ???

Re: Amazing this forum was to be un edited

All I am saying is it seems fishy that supa said he was putting someone else in charge then a post about John Jackson and the Crusaders gets removed. Willing to be supa put Mr sports reporter himself ( John Jackso) in charge of this forum and if he did it is very very sad.

Re: Amazing this forum was to be un edited

Speculate as much as you want, Supa removed the thread. It has been confirmed. It is up to Supa if he wants to take the time to explain the reasoning why.

Remember, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

Let us not call out or disrespect Supa. We should never under estimate the powers Supafan has!

Re: Amazing this forum was to be un edited

I am glad he removed the posts. I wish he would remove a lot more.. Somr of the post on here are just down right dirty and disrespectful.

Re: Amazing this forum was to be un edited

Thankfully some posts have been removed from this site, I myself would be in favor of removing many more in short any post that is disrespectful should be gone. Ladies and Gentlemen the game of football should be respected and each team should receive respect on the field. Points are scored after crossing the goalline not by harse or mean words typed on a keyboard.
there are many people who do not like each other in the Indianapiolis area, that is no reason to get on here and make accusations that cannot be proved, There has been nothing but negative comments on here for a long time this season and it is time to move on and be supportive of each other. If you can't be supportive then don't try to destroy someone.
Leagues are having enough problems keeing teams without people always wanting to make a team look bad or get on a team because they folded.
We all have been very harsh to each other this season lets try to not be like that the rest of the year, this board right now should be full of talk about the upcoming Cards and Crusaders game or the Wildcats having another great season or maybe give a shout out to the Extreme team from the hollars of shoeless Kentucky that was a joke see things can be jabbed at people but in a good light everyone know people don't wear shoes in Kentucky until at least December 1st.
How bout the Cutters having another outstanding year and old man Dre still laying hits on runners like he was still 24 yearsold.The reborn Indiana Mustangs who are playing at a wonderful venue the absolute best Indy has to offer short of Lucas Oil stadium.
In closing we all need to remember we are responsible for what we type and no matter what name you use your IP address is always the same. Please let's try to not bash, redicule, or harress people the rest of the year.
Talk about the positive things because all this other crap is destroying Indiana semi-pro football and the leagues that operate so that we can all play the game and coach the game we love.
Thank you Supa for the removal of some threads and may you find it proper to remove a few more they aren't doing anyone any good.

Re: Amazing this forum was to be un edited

Football 2012. Where everyone gets a trophy and a pizza party at the end of the season. Please, let's all hold hands and sing for peace, love, and harmony....La Dee Deeee, La Da Daaaa. It is getting SUPA soft up in here! "Now I want you to go out there and rip his head off. Hit him so hard that his Mommy comes out the stands!" 4 qtrs later. "Hey Sport, great game. I know we just handed you your head and my guys decleated you several times, but keep your head up." No wonder the lines get blurred. I thought this was football? SAYS EYE!