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Indianapolis Joins UIFL

FORT MYERS, FL - The UIFL is proud to announce the addition of the Indianapolis Panthers to the proud tradition that is UIFL football. The Panthers, owned by Zeb Sutton, are a strong Indiana tradition in semi-professional football, the outdoor version. This is the next step in the building of that Panthers football brand in Indiana, the indoor professional version.

Zeb and the UIFL began discussing the idea a few weeks ago and found that there are several things that were consistent. Zeb wants fan-friendly entertainment with players and coaches showing character and sportsmanship within the framework of the games. The Panthers wanted a league that was affordable and would allow a new organization to have the same chance at being profitable as the already established teams. The UIFL wants these things and more moving forward. The UIFL expects the Panthers to quickly become leaders in our league.

The UIFL is in the process of strengthening the league with accountability, owner/league communication and long-term stability and Zeb Sutton and the Indianapolis Panthers bring all of that and a confident professionalism. Zeb has numerous contacts in the Southeastern Conference and the UIFL is expecting the Panthers to be a real candidate for the championship in 2013.

The Indianapolis Panthers join the Missouri Monster in St. Charles (St. Louis) and the Georgia Rampage in Georgia as new members of the league. League President, Dr. Jim Krause adds; “We are moving in the right direction. Major change always leads to fluctuation as teams try to navigate their way to profitability. The UIFL is committed to a business model that keeps the league operating on a small budget, but supports the owners in their bid to be financially profitable, build corporate relations and especially embrace the selected communities and have them, in return, embrace the teams.”