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2 undefeated teams fall this weekend ?

I predict the undefeated crusaders get there butts handed to them by the cards and the undefeated crush go in over confident and get upset by the bengals

Re: 2 undefeated teams fall this weekend ?

Only way crush lose its if a plane crashes into the field during warmups and kills 3/4 of the team but i think cards will win handedly

Re: 2 undefeated teams fall this weekend ?

we are focused for the bengals we look past no team whether they have won a game or not.we had a bye week with the panthers folding and we ARE HUNGRY..The games goin to be on the ohio sports news and radio live so tune in for the ass whoopin.....for u to say that tells me u havent seen us play but whats new half the people on the site dont know what they are talking about..Thanks for fueling our fire OC 15