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Is this a joke?

Am I the only one who read the post about the Panthers who folded in the CRFL, ran by a guy who according to others comments never finishes a season, starting a indoor team in Indianapolis called the panthers and will play in the UIFL. Please spare everyone their time and stop this before it nose dives! Indy already had a rinky dink indoor team called the Enforcers and I believe they played in a sports complex for christ's sake! don't believe they won a game either! If you are not going to do it right, like atleast getting the Pepsi Colliseum and actually paying your players, then don't do it! And players if you take the bait without doing your research shame on you! Proof is always in the pudding!

Re: Is this a joke?

u Know I was wondering the exact same thing! i am glad someone posted about it

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i heard that enforcers are done? any info on that?

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The Panthers are playing on the field the enforcers used.

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In all but two peoples minds, the Indianapolis Enforcers are done. (no importance to mention the names of the people thinking the Enforcers are coming back) Even if for some reason they tried & wanted to stay around, the CIFL would not allow them back (quoted CIFL Officials) & probably no other league would want them as well.

The good thing about the Indianapolis Enforcers, no one has really heard of them. ...well, no one that really counts. For example, the Fort Wayne Freedom AKA Fort Wayne Firehawks have destroyed the professional football market in Fort Wayne where the community or the sponsors will never have faith in indoor football again. Fort Wayne Firehawks owner, Mike Loomis, is basically Custard in his last stand as far as indoor football goes in Fort Wayne. Its ashame, because the Fort Wayne Coliseum (seats 16,000) is one of the nicest venues a team can have! The only place you can play & watch yourself on instant replay, simply amazing!

KC Carter, owner of the Indianapolis Enforcers (previously the Indianapolis Stampede) did not sought after sponsorship or screw arenas & hotels out of money. Everything he did, he did on his own, which is a good thing. This leaves Indianapolis a wide open market for indoor football that has not been tarnished yet. Now if only we can get a team like the Indiana Firebirds to do it right.

As far as Zeb Sutton & the Indianapolis Panthers goes, just to save alot of discussion & hassel, I am speculating & pretty sure that the UIFL will never get off the ground this year, the league will FOLD. So I would wait before ordering your Panther fan gear. Sorry Zeb, pay your $500 & submit your application to the CIFL & another $4500 is due @ acceptance.

Speaking of CIFL & Indianapolis, now I have heard, from a very, very, very reliable source, (two matter of fact) that the CIFL will be adding a team in Indianapolis that is no way shape nor form affiliated with KC Carter or the Indianapolis Enforcers name. My source is unable to comment on any other details, so we will have to wait & see.

Follow all CIFL News @ They even have a Fan Forum like this one with the exception you must register & have a password.

Re: Is this a joke?

I will only add comment to also squelch further rumor and as a benefit to any players looking to pay even a dime toward attending a UIFL tryout in hopes of making of money playing football.

I will simply state - I do not know him - but Mr. Tailgater is EXTREMELY well informed in nearly every aspect of this post.

Players, PLEASE seek research and council of individuals you KNOW that may have an inside track on this type of game/league before putting a single one of your hard earned eggs into someone else's basket.

Thank you!


Re: Is this a joke?

Regardless of the stability of the league, we all know the ending to the story of the team already, don't we?