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TAILGATE PARTY!!! Indiana Generals @ Indiana Mustangs (5pm)

Indiana Generals @ Indiana Mustangs (Kick-Off 5pm)

The Brickyard 400 isn't the only thing exciting happening in Indianapolis this weekend! The MSFL's Southeast Division Rivalry Match-Up as the Indiana Mustangs host the Indiana Generals right on the Indy's west side @ a beautiful venue, Marian University. Trust me, you don't want to miss this one & with a 5:00pm Kick-Off it will leave plenty time to get your pre-race partying in! I believe this game is going to separate the "Men from the Boys" & just maybe the deciding game on who will win the Southeast Division.

The Indiana Mustangs are 2-0 & setting on top of the Division & the Mustang Offense, under the smart & talented quarterback, #13 Eric Hooks, has put up an impressive 97 points on the scoreboard in just two games!!!

The Indiana Mustangs have been stacked @ skilled positions but were just like every single other central Indiana team, hurting for Meat on the Offensive Line. Whats the solution? Start moving them in... The Mustangs started bringing in the "Big Boys". Players coming in from Chicago, Dayton, Princeton, Evansville to name a few. On the other side of the ball, five out of Mustang's front seven has Pro experience ranging all the way up to NFL Europe. The Mustang's secondary is strong as ever being led by Chicago Slaughter's (IFL) Strong Safety Paul "PC" Carter.

"This is the best Mustang Team I have seen since 1990" quotes James Stamper, Head Coach & owner of the Mustangs for 22 years.

The Indiana Generals are 1-1 & is sitting in the #2 spot of the of the Southeast Division. Just because Coach Josh "JT" Terhune isn't around does not mean you should take the Generals lightly. Head Coach, Eric Anderson, has done some amazing things with this "hand me down" Generals franchise. They went to a team barely of 25 players with a preseason loss to the CRFL's Delaware County Revolution to having 40+ players @ practice twice a week & beating Southeast Division Rival week 1, the Indianapolis Nighthawks.

The Indiana Generals #1 secret weapon (who actually wears #2) is Marion Blue Racers (UIFL/CIFL) #2 June Love. Vince Lombardi once quoted, "Three things can happen when you throw the ball, and two of them are bad." June Love is the Generals Strong Safety & it's guys like this that Vince Lombardi lost sleep over. Anytime Love gets his hands on the ball, whether it be an interception or on kick & punt returns, odds are it is probably going to the house! Another veteran General threat & Marine is Middle Linebacker #40 Bobby Asbery. Asbery's quick reaction to the ball & the speed he has in his 240lb frame makes anyone's run game @ risk.

Another strong point for your Indiana Generals is consistency. No chance for a "Knock Out" here, you can bet the Generals will go the distance & the fight will go to decision. Play after play, for 60 minutes of football, the Generals just flat out bring it & the "Hits just keep on Rolling"!

Here we have 'thee' two Indiana's longest running Semi-Pro football teams going head to head. This game is going to be a WAR filled with emotions & some of Indiana's finest athletes! It might be $8.00 for the whole seat, but you will only going to need the edge!

Far as my pick for this game, I hate to short change the Indiana Generals, but I am going to have to put my money on the Indiana Mustangs in this contest. Here are a couple reason's why:

For starters, The Mustangs have scored more points in one game (pick either one) than the Generals have all season. They have racked up 55 points & 42 points (total 97 points) in their first two games while the Generals have only produced 38 points in this season & there defense have allowed a total of 39 points. Three touchdowns in Week 1 came late in the second half from the Indianapolis Nighthawk's strong armed quarterback, Patrick Wood, who didn't even play the first half apparently for two different reasons my sources tell. Having trouble with Patrick Wood attempting "an almost" come back from being down 21-0 by scoring 3 touchdowns with only 30 minutes of play, I can not picture the Indiana Generals being able to handle 60 minutes of Eric Hooks. Even though Wood can launch the ball 70 yards down field on any given play, I feel Hooks is a smarter & more accurate QB & has the same threat of being capable to score @ any given time also.

Second, & a little more personal here...

“Memory is a way of holding on to the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.” ~ Kevin Arnold

I feel "Memory" is the Generals worst enemy. The Indiana Generals need to get rid of the "Yester-Years" & it is time to start forming there New Identity. The past is the past. The good, the bad & the ugly needs to be all erased & its time to concentrate on "The New Indiana Generals". The closest analogy I can compare this to is like if someone loses or leaves a long time companion or spouse. As long as they keep comparing to or trying to find new mates just like what they had before, it will never work for them. That person has to let go of the past in order to continue with the future. Until the Generals recognize this being a problem, I think it will hard for them to come together as a team.

Indiana Mustangs 46

Indiana Generals 21

In conclusion, I wish both these teams the best of luck & hope the game is safe & injury free. I have the utmost respect for BOTH these organizations for who they are, what they stand for & what they have done for the Semi-Pro community in the state of Indiana. Both organizations I consider "Dream Teams" as year in & year out people start teams, dreaming to make their franchise just as good & respected as these two teams are that will be playing this Saturday Night. Props to Anthony (Tony) Laws, Troy Edwards & James A. Stamper, & all the veteran Generals & Mustangs, we love what you guys have built & done! You have fulfilled many players, coaches & fans many opportunities to enjoy the game we all love & memories through the years that will be cherished for many people's lifetime. Thank You!

Re: TAILGATE PARTY!!! Indiana Generals @ Indiana Mustangs (5pm)

Well the is a well written press release and the prediction is the only thing I can't understand. The Generals will emabrass the Mustangs on this saturday night and even though you say you are not connected this sure sounds like something from a General. Why is it that these posts always bring uop the past I think message boards are the only ones still thinking that way. The players don't think about "yester years"
Generals 28
Mustangs 7

Re: TAILGATE PARTY!!! Indiana Generals @ Indiana Mustangs (5pm)

what is a name,

Win, Lose or draw, there is no way the Generals defense can hold the high powered offense of the Indiana Mustangs to 7 points. They have too many weapons & with there new additions to the Offense Line, Eric Hook's will have time to throw. Just as long as Hooks throws it to the opposite side of the field that June Love is on, he is a Offense's worst enemy.

Second, I can not believe you would classify me as a General??? First off, week in & week out I do in depth CRFL predictions, matter of fact, this is the first game prediction I have done that is not CRFL related. What MSFL Player would waste his time with the CRFL?

Too be quite honest, I don't have a dog in this fight. The message board has gotten extremely quite since the Great Supafan used his magical powers (that I so warned everybody about) that I thought I would step out of the box, have some fun & try predicting a game that should be getting more attention than it has.

I appreciate the props on the "well written press release", I try to call things as I see it. And no matter what team wins, I know it will be a game worth watching!

Re: TAILGATE PARTY!!! Indiana Generals @ Indiana Mustangs (5pm)

Don't take it personal tailgater I thinkt that is just another opinion from someone I would have to agree many will be surprised to see the Generals win this one but win it they will I say 21-14 no way does the Generals start the MSFL season 1-2 that would be a deep hole to dig out of and the Mustangs would be 3-0 so the Generals dig deep and pull this one out.