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Lets get ready to rumble!!!!

This weekend is the matchup many of us have been wanting to see and waiting for nearly 2 years.

West Central Wildcats @ Noble County Wolfpack

3 questions for all of you...

Will you be attending? - this could be a highly attended game.
Which side will you be sitting on? - home (pack) visitors (cats)
Honest predictions?! - field goal hit with under 2 minutes in the 4th

Re: Lets get ready to rumble!!!!

This game in Terre Haute the Wildcats would win by 4 points just my opinion BUT the game is at the Wolfpack home field and that will spell trouble for the Wildcats who are famous for not traveling well and this game will be no different they won't travel well and it will cost them the game.
My humble opinion and no dis-respect meant
Wolfpack 24 Wildcats 10

Re: Lets get ready to rumble!!!!

That's a very bold prediction. I'm looking forward to this game & have been all season.

Re: Lets get ready to rumble!!!!

Prediction: If wildcats travel well they will win 30-14

Reason: pack have become one dimensional on offense #7 can't do it alone and defensive is full of holes. D-line isn't what it used to be 92# great player but will draw a lot of double teams and others aren't playing at his level. Secondary has improved but still have a week link at safety. Line backers are strong point but we all know that their play depends on how the guys in front of them play.

Conclusion: If wildcats can keep the ball on the ground and on the outside i think they will march all day. Wolfpack will not adjust well and wont match wildcat scoring.

Re: Lets get ready to rumble!!!!

I got alot of guys i know and cool with that play for the wolfpack, and I know they been looking forward to this game all year. so both of those predictions are off. I am not goin to be bias to one team, all i know is there aint goin to be know blow out, this will be a great game, and it will be a close game, no more than 7-10 point diff.

Re: Lets get ready to rumble!!!!

If the Wildcats travel good this weekend look for a nail biter the game will be a 4 point game and could go either way but I'll have to agree if they travel as they have been known to travel and that is light in numbers the Wolfpack will beat them badly

Re: Lets get ready to rumble!!!!

I've had the pleasure of playing against the wolfpack and they are a never say die team. I don't think they'll have a problem keeping up with the wildcats. Their offense definitely needs more than #7 but their defense is the strong part of that team and you're wrong about their D-line too. 92 is definitely good but he's not even the best player on their line, their defensive end #46 is a beast and never stops coming. Look for the wildcats to maybe air it out this week, the wolfpack DB's are their weak spot. I think this game will come down to which team has more heart. I'm calling it WOLFPACK 21 WILDCATS 17, can't wait to see this one!!!!!