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Game on 08/11

Can someone from the Thunderhawks or the Revolution email me, we are trying to get a game set up for the 11th. The Indiana Generals are trying to host another double header at their home field and we are looking for a team that will play us as we are trying to put on a nice weekend of football. Thank you in advance

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Tell Shean I will hit him up this weekend. Been crazy busy. But we can work out the details of the game. Ill let Laws know too so maybe he can call him to figure it out. Who are you guys playing that week?

Re: Game on 08/11

Eye say the MSFL is doing something trendsetting. Why? Well funny you may ask my friend? Eye had a conversation about cost of running a team way back in the day, NO, much further than that. Yes, the dinosaurs where there, but we keep them off the playing field. Any Who! There were 3 major concerns that were brought up. Uniforms, which usually get handled first. Field cost, and travel. Teams cannot share the cost of uniforms or travel, but they sure as hell can share field cost. If a school is willing to allow two games and maybe raise the total cost, or by all means not raise the cost, the two home teams can split the cost and offer a savings to both clubs. It isn't rocket science, however it is good to see a league thinking outside the box. Eye give you a H-eye Five for this. Think of how many teams folded, not because they weren't a good team, but because they were in bad financial situations. Says Eye!


Re: Game on 08/11

JC we were trying to play either the ThunderHawks or the Revolution, however the ThunderHawks are not traveling that week and nobody from the Revolution has returned my calls or my emails so as of right now we dont have a game, really sad man, these teams folding really hurts. I do believe that i will be at the games this weekend though, gotta see some football man