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CRFL Week 7 Prediction Channel!!! Bring your Corn Hole & Tailgate NAKED!!!

***** GAME OF THE WEEK *****

Tri-City Spartans @ Indiana Cardinals (Kick-Off 4pm)

It games like this that brings out the best & the beast out of players & coaches. This is not just an Indiana North Division Rivalry Game, this game just might be our preview of our Indiana WILDCARD WEEKEND Game! These teams have already met Week 4 that resulted in an Indiana Cardinal win over the Tri-City Spartans 21-13.

Question remains, with a two game lead & the tie breaker on the Delaware County Revolution, will Tri-City Spartans Head Coach, Don Hicks, try not to show too much or will he rally the "Spartan Project" & challenge the Cardinals to a battle until death?

My guess with the several post from 'Coach Don' boosting on the Spartan's 200 yard rushing attack last week that he will sit up front in the driver's seat & bring it! (Please take note last week they were going against a depleting Revolution team (totally 18 players) that have lost their starting nose tackle, & two starting linebackers to Indiana Mustangs. They also lost the other two starting linebackers, one was traded to the Cardinals (details of trade was not revealed but my sources tell me a 5lb bag of gummy worms & a 4th or 5th round pick for next year was part of terms) & the last linebacker is serving a two game suspension for foul play vs Crusaders)

Also, the Tri-City Spartans quarterback #9 Dee "I am an All-Star" Peters has been in the hot seat & is dedicating this season to prove that he has what it takes to be a competitor & make it to this year's Pro Bowl. [biting tongue]
(...yes there will be a Pro Bowl, I have sworn not to reveal the details)

Was it the news anchors @ the Cardinal's practice, bringing all the television hype about Fort Wayne's undefeated Indiana Cardinals that threw them off balance for a goose egg & a 6-0 loss last week or is the Marion Crusader's defense really that good?

[BREAKING NEWS ~ this just came in] Their is a big Quarterback Controversy brewing up @ the Fort. #12 John "Pony Boy" Jones had a rough first half against the Crusaders throwing up numbers even Curtis Painter would be ashamed of! Jones threw 4 for 9 (44%) for 26 yards averaging 6.5 YPC with three interceptions & one lost fumble. Cardinal's back-up quarterback, #10 Jose "Nieto Knows" Nietowent, threw for 27% completing 3 out of 11 passes for 80 yards averaging over 26 YPC with no fumbles, but did have one interception. Neither quarterback could find the endzone. Guess we will have until Saturday to find out who gets the start unless our insider from "BIRD TALK" comes out of the nest for a report!

In as polite as a way I can put it, I feel the Tri-City Spartans have seemed to be weakening over the season instead of getting stronger. The Tri-City Spartans went from a "Shove It Down Your Throat Bad Boy" imagine that turned into to posting in Supaland begging for attention. The Indiana Cardinals however, have proved that they are extremely good @ adjusting. For example, Week 3 the Cardinals went from a unimpressive 6-0 win against the Miami County Blitz to come back Week 5 & put it to the Blitz 23-0. With this second match-up against the Spartans, no surprises here, odds are in favor of your Indiana Cardinals no matter which quarterback they start!

Cardinals 34
Spartans 7

Delaware County Revolution @ Midwest Force (Kick-Off 4pm)

This is what I call "The Tale of Two Teams" & I am not referring to a 1859 novel by Charles Dickens. Here we have the 2-4 Delaware County Revolution fighting for the second & final Wild Card spot in the Indiana Conference versus a 4-2 Midwest Force team that is pretty much locked up the #1 Wildcard Spot in the play-offs.

The Delaware County Revolution started out as a Championship Caliber team & the Coaches & the Players have been dropping like flies since. The Force started out with a disheartening loss of 43-0 against the Marion County Crusaders Week 1 to coming back & winning 4 out of 5 games scoring an impressive 167 points with their only loss in a close game against the Ohio South Divisional Rivalry & undefeated 'Thee' Ohio Crush, 24-14.

With Revolution traveling last week to South Bend with only 18 I can not picture them traveling to Sidney, Ohio with much for. Also, with the Tri-City Spartans exposing the Revolution's weakness by stacking up over 200 yards on the ground, which fits exactly right into the Midwest Force's strengths, the run game, I can not see how the Delaware County Revolution stands a chance.

The Midwest Force will win "The Battle of the Trenches" & run is exactly what they will do. And when in doubt, the Force will run again. With a Force win Saturday & an already Miami County Blitz win (vs Panthers) this might be the game that not only eliminates the Revolution from the play-offs, but maybe even the CRFL.

Force 29
Revolution 6

Tri-County Raiders @ Fulton County Bengals (Kick-Off 6pm)

The Tri-County Raider "Virgin Killers" coming off an impressive win against the Miami County Blitz & not only are they on a 3 game win streak, but they also find themselves sitting on top of the Ohio North Division. Now granted, the are in probably the weakest division in football history & the past 3 wins have came from two winless Division Rivalries & a 2-4 Miami County Blitz that shows up with less than 20 Players.

The Fulton County Bengals believe it or not has a shot @ still making play-offs. I know, I know, its a long shot & the odds are 100,0000 to 1, but it's a shot. (odds determined by & are based on Bengals making the play-offs, NOT play-off or championship games: Odds of a play-off win or run are MUCH, MUCH, MUCH GREATER) Needless to say, the Bengals find themselves in a MUST WIN OUT scenario in order to keep their chances alive & to put pressure on the Ohio South, Miami County Vipers. Also take note, that 2 out of the Bengal's next 5 games are against the 0-6 Phoenix, and then in Week 10 the Miami County Vipers travel to Holland, Ohio to play the Bengals which might & could be the battle for the last Wildcard Seed in the Ohio Conference!

As much as I would love to pull for the underdog here, I just can not reach down deep enough inside to do it, but maybe the Bengals can. The Tri-County Raider "Virgin Killers" are learning a few things along the way, how to put up huge points on the board & what it takes to win ball games! (even though they let the Phoenix score) Raiders have no problem covering the 21 point spread this week but they will let the Bengals once into the endzone.

Raiders 48
Bengals 6

Miami County Vipers @ Marion County Crusaders (Kick-Off 8pm)

Your undefeated 6-0 Marion County Crusaders host the most over rated team in the CRFL, the 3-3 Miami County Vipers. Now don't get me wrong, the Vipers have a few athletes that can put up points on the board on any given play, & if you add that in with a few flea flicker plays, you could be smelling upset, but highly unlikely.

Coach Mac, Head Coach of the Crusaders, has taught this team one thing, & that how to win football games. They might not be the prettiest wins, but a win is a win. With the Darrin "Can You Stop Him" Douthit trade to the Indiana Generals, that gives #22 Shaun "Pimp'n Ain't Dead" McWhirter a few more carries of the rock. McWhirter is a Big & Nasty Running Back that should have a huge day against this undersized Viper secondary. Can anyone say, "Truck Stick"?

I also would like to see #8 Tez "Can't Stop Me" Williams to make something happen on Special Teams. The size of the Crusader's Receiving Team should open some big holes for Williams in the undisciplined Kick-Off team of Miami County.

I feel the Crusader's are going to have a stand out day & show the true Colors of the Miami County Viper's. There is no way the Viper's Offensive Line will be able to with stand the pressure that comes from the Crusader's front seven. The key to a big Crusader victory here, which is one of their weak points, is CONTAINMENT! Crusaders can not cover the slots with linebackers & sacrifice containing the Viper's elusive Quarterback's (more than one)

Crusaders 24
Vipers 12

Ohio Phoenix @ Ohio Crush

From Facebook:

"Crossroads Football League: Due to the Phoenix Owner's Mom's Illness the Phoenix have forfeited this week's game. While we wish we could make up this game, the phoenix already have a game to make up this season. Our prayers and thoughts go out to Jeff and his family."

Looks like 'Thee' Ohio Crush get another week to rest & heal.

Crush 28
Phoenix 0

Miami County Blitz @ Jay County Panthers

Your Miami County Blitz are rallying up for the rest of the season to fight & earn that #2 Wildcard Seed. I would not count the Blitz out yet, they have shown this season if they have the numbers, they can win & win BIG! Even though it is a Panther Bye Week, Blitz are practicing this week, plus making players accountable for their attendance @ practice & games.

The Miami County Blitz have a rough rest of the season playing the Marion County Crusaders & the Tri-City Spartans twice. They are in the running for the last seed with the Revolution which is still unclear if the Revo will even finish the season.

Blitz 28
Panthers 0

Re: CRFL Week 7 Prediction Channel!!! Bring your Corn Hole & Tailgate NAKED!!!

Tailgater, before you start talking learn the facts about team, coach Don is not the head coach of the Spartans, why dont you do your research and please repost

Re: CRFL Week 7 Prediction Channel!!! Bring your Corn Hole & Tailgate NAKED!!!

Game of the week
Spartans vs Cards
Spartans will pull the upset at the end this time.

Revolution vs Force
Sorry force you dont have what it takes.
Revos win 28-14

Raiders vs Bengals
Could be a close game if the Bengals bring it. But thats a big if.
Raiders win 30-14

Crusaders vs Vipers
Crusaders seem to learned their lesson about fight but will the vipers provoke them to swing?
Crusaders struggle to win, 24-21

Crush win by forfeit
blitz win by forfeit.

Re: CRFL Week 7 Prediction Channel!!! Bring your Corn Hole & Tailgate NAKED!!!

Correction: Don Hicks is the GM (General Manger)of the Tri-County Spartans & not the Head Coach. Trying to filter through all these teams & I try to do most by memory it easy to get things twirled around. Sometimes assuming can lead to mistakes. Last mistake I made was in 1996, so I think I was due! Thanx Learn your fact.

Yuppp, Spartans over the Cardinals & the Revolution over the Force? Nice picks, should be some real Barn Burners, can't wait! These controversial picks just make these games that much more exciting! I just need to pick which one to go & watch!