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CRFL ship prediction

Now I have been watching the CRFL this year and been wondering who is most likely to win it all this year. Now a lot of people been looking at the crusaders and Crush to do it. Well the crusaders are a very basic team and I don't see them going past the first round of play offs. The Crush will make it to the ship, there is no contest for them in Ohio. Indiana is where all eyes are. Revolution will defeat the crusaders first round of playoffs. Up north I see the Spartans dominating Indiana north and defeating the Cardinals at ease in the play offs leaving a revolution/spartans IN ship. This game will come down to where it is played, it will be very close if Spartans travel, but if the revolutions have to travel spartans will blow them out the water.
I am predicting a Crush/Spartans championship game. I think the Crush will struggle in the game and Spartans will capitalize on the opportunity.

Re: CRFL ship prediction

I like ur predictions the only thing that is wrong is that i have seen the teams play and the spartans/revo game was a great game and revo lost 20-14 and only traveled with 20 players, no disrespect intended for the spartans but give revo their starters and that game changes with revo on top easy, crusaders haven't lost a game yet but with the commish on the squad everyone seen that coming, as far as the crush we will see this saturday when they play against the JJ crusaders as for me i will keep watching and we all will see