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8-11 This Weekend in INSPF

It’s Football Season – Yes sir, that day is finally here. Football season is in full swing and of course it’s my favorite time of year. From Friday Night Lights, to Pee-Wee Sat Mornings to Sunday Prime Time, its football time and what a great weekend we have in store. The heat and drought has seem to at least temporary break, with soft fields and temps in the low 80’s we could not have a better weekend in store.

For Indiana Semi Pro Football we have a ton of great matchups on the schedule this weekend. 3 of the 4 remaining unbeaten in the state face their best opponent yet, while the new kid on the block looks to drop their second heel on last year’s championship. The State Rankings have been updated from Last week this this week, INSPF gets the last word. Let’s get to the games.

Game of the Week
Chicago Rush (3-1) @ Indiana Mustangs (4-0):
The Mustangs who have been running the table in the Indiana Conference of the MSFL face their biggest test of the season as they face the 2 time MSFL Champions. With college staring up the Mustangs have lost a few key playmakers and will need to solidify behind their large linemen. The Mustangs could pull off the win here but I think this game could be the one loss of their year, Rush by 2.

Steelers (0-4) @ Generals (1-3): The Generals get a week that they desperately need, hopefully they take this opportunity to work out those rough spots on the offense. Generals I expect no less than a shutout. Generals by 40.

Nighthawks (0-4) @ Joliet Buccaneers (2-2): The 3 ½ hour trip is the last thing the Nighthawks need right now. This is one of those games that will go a long way in determining the Nighthawks fate for the season, and next year as well. Can Corey Thompson keep his team together and put on a good showing? With Eagle late comers already planning another team for 2013, I don’t see a focused team right now, and that’s going to spell a Buccaneer win by 15.

Xtreme (2-4) @ Wildcats (4-1):
Home field advantage is at stake in the playoffs in this game. The Xtreme are out to prove me, and others they are the real deal. Knowing Mike, he will have his squad ready to go, and being a home game, there is no worries about traveling light. I called this game earlier in the week and the call still remains, Wildcats by 6.

Blaze (2-4) @ Wolfpack (5-0): Playoff game for the Blaze – they have come to a must win game to keep their playoff hopes alive. With the Destroyers and Eagles games determining almost half the outcomes, it makes this game all that more important. Can the Blaze overcome their 29-0 shortcomings and take advantage of the two weeks of rust on the Wolfpack? I don’t see too much improvement from the young Blaze as they go 2-5 and seal the fate of their season Wolfpack by 15.

Tornados (9-0) @ Clarksville Wolfpack (7-1):
The Tornados look to wrap up another undefeated season but will have to do in in Tennessee vs the best team they have seen yet this season. The Wolfpack’s weakness could be their offense scoring only 21 points per game this season, while the tornados have racked up an average of 35 per game. The Achilles heel of the Tornados have been their ability to travel, and this will be a big test to determine this team’s ability to go deep into the playoffs this season. Too much firepower and the Tornados go undefeated and win by 12.

Crusaders (7-0) @ Crush (7-0):
The two powers of the South meet up in what some are calling a preview of the Championship. Not so fast says Eye. I had too. The Crusaders continue to face a tough road ahead in the playoffs with future games vs the Revo, Spartans and or the Cardinals, all which have been games the Crusaders have barely won by last second plays or errors by the opposing team. The Crush on the other hand have won without much sweat and for them, team unity goes far. Crush by 6.

Force (4-3) @ Bengals (0-6): A must win game for the Bengals but they face a Force team ready to make amends for their failings from last week. The Bengals have a lot of sprit, but not the numbers to compete this year. Maybe next year. Force by 20.

Blitz (3-4) @ Spartans (4-2): The Blitz had everything going for them with a quick 2-0 start on the season, but as most of the times for the blitz, the low numbers can’t compete with the larger teams. However, a warning to the Spartans team, do not take this team lightly an only show up 25 deep like the Revo game. These Blitz boys can ball. Spartans win by 10.

Raiders (5-3) @ Vipers (3-4): The Vipers don’t have too much to worry here as they are one win or one lost away from a playoff spot, but a win is that this splitting team needs to unify for another game or two. The Raiders have made a mid-season comeback and taken their division. True this is the Ohio North of the CRFL. The Raiders can make a strong statement this game with a win and prove to people they will be a force in the playoffs. Raider continue to ride their win streak and win by 7.

Phoenix (0-7) @ Cardinals (6-1): Phoenix Forfeit – again.