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CRFL WEEK 8 Prediction Channel!!! Tailgate LATE!

Have you every heard "My dog ate my homework excuse"? Well that is EXACTLY what happened to my predictions! ...well, sorta of. After spending 3 hours on CRFL Predictions (yes it takes about that long) my Dog found his way under the desk & stepped on the 'OFF' button on my power strip power off everything & erasing all my hard work & wisdom.

So better late than never!

Re: CRFL WEEK 8 Prediction Channel!!! Tailgate LATE!

hio Phoenix @ Indiana Cardinals (Kick-Off 4pm)

With the Indiana Cardinals leading the Indiana North Division with the "Spartan Project" one game behind, then add the controversial "Mother Nature Calls" rescheduled game against the Spartans, the Indiana North Divisional Championship is everything but locked up for the boys in red. Every win is important to your Indiana Cardinals & every game has to be taken seriously, ...well, maybe except for this one.

Then we have the Phoenix. Some how & some way these guys show up every weekend & I have to admit, they are gaining my respect! These guys don't flood the message boards, boast about their single score & most importantly, they haven't taken the easy way out & FOLDED! Heck, I might just move to Lima & join the Phoenix to help them out! Ok, ok, too be honest, I would move to Lima, Ohio just for the Wapak Tug-A-Truck & the 4 Wheel & Off Road Jamboree Nationals, playing for the Phoenix would be a close second!

Will we witness the "Rise of the Phoenix" this weekend? Unfortunately not this weekend, but I am looking forward to next week when they face their Division Rivals, the Fulton County Bengals!

Cardinals 44
Phoenix 0

***** GAME OF THE WEEK *****

Marion County Crusaders @ Ohio Crush (Kick-Off 5pm)

Come on, it doesn't get any better than this! Sitting on top of the Indiana South's Division, the Marion County Crusaders are undefeated @ 7-0, producing 195 points for & only allowing 66 points against take on 'Thee' Ohio Crush. 'Thee' Ohio Crush comfortable on top of the Ohio South's Division are also undefeated @ 7-0, which has produced 197 points for & have allowed an impressive 48 points against! Both teams have clinched Conference Home Field Advantage.

This weekend's match-up might just may be our preview of the Indiana vs Ohio CRFL Championship Game! Fact remains, just how much will each team show because each team will be taping & taking notes.

I believe the Marion County Crusaders & 'Thee' Ohio Crush are going have World War 3 right in New Carlisle, Ohio! Reason being, the one & only reason, to be UNDEFEATED!

In 2009, The Indianapolis Colts @ 15-0 was breathing down the '72 Dolphins "Perfect Season" when they host the New York Jets Week 16. Jim Caldwell pulled Peyton Manning & put in Curtis Painter with 5 minutes 36 seconds remaining in the third quarter.

On the second drive he led, Painter was sacked and fumbled deep in Colts territory. The Jets’ Marques Douglas recovered for a touchdown to give the Jets a lead, and the Jets rolled from there, beating the Colts by 29-15 to ruin Indianapolis’s undefeated season and seize sudden, surreal control of their own playoff hopes.

Jim Caldwell said afterward that he had studied how teams had performed in recent years, trying to perfect the delicate balance between resting players and keeping a team sharp. He decided that going into the third quarter with a lead, he would begin to pull his starters. He said that he told the players of the plan during the week and then at halftime, and that he did not consider reinserting Manning after the Colts lost the lead.

“The most important thing is to make certain that we are operating on all cylinders come the playoffs,” Caldwell said. “The most important season is the one coming up.”

The Indianapolis Colts ended up losing to the New Orleans Saints in Super Bowl XLIV, 31–17.

Key to winning this game, Crusader's need to more emphasis on the run game. Coach Mac needs to pick a running back & stick with him. Although Running back rotation keeping "Fresh Legs" on the field seems important, it is hard for your running back to get into a "groove" being rotated every three or four plays. Running backs need to get a feel of what the defense is doing, learn it's weaknesses, hit the holes & go! You need to get your starting running back at least 25 touches to win this ball game.

'Thee' Ohio Crush's key to winning this game is to put the ball in your 6'2" 200lb quarterback, #11 Carl "The Orange Dream" Christy, & air it out! The Crusader front seven has been tested & won it's battles, but however, the Marion County's secondary is questionable & untested. Also, the Crush should take advantage of their athletic offensive line with the aggressive blitzing undisciplined defense of the Crusaders, & resort to the screen pass & draws in 3rd down situations.

The Marion County Crusader's have had maybe the hardest schedule in the CRFL while 'Thee' Ohio Crush have been called "Paper Champions" with a schedule filled with winless teams & bye weeks. With both teams undefeated & home field advantage locked up, this game is far more important to the Crush as they face their first "true test" of the 2012 CRFL Season.
Without this win, The Crush will never get the respect they deserve finishing out 9-1.

As far as predictions go? Sorry C-Nation, my wallet is with 'Thee' Ohio Crush. They have so much more to gain & lose from this match up. Crusaders, you been battling it hard & have gotten your respect. Your wins haven't been pretty, & alot of 4th quarter comebacks. The Crush have been sitting back on easy street & I feel Offense to Offense, the Crush can out score the Crusaders 3 to 1. There is not enough time in a 60 minute game for you to put enough points on the board with 10 to 14 play drives.

Crush pulls off the upset!

Crush 34
Crusaders 20

Tri-County Raiders @ Miami County Vipers (Kick-Off 5pm)

Too be honest, this is going to be a great match-up! The Ohio North's Division Champions the 5-3 Tri-County "Virgin Killer" Raiders travel to Dayton, Ohio to take on the Ohio South's the 3-4 Miami County Vipers.

The "Virgin Killers" are on a 4 game win streak (as I predicted) & is finally going into a real challenge. The past four games have been basically scrimmages & I think is exactly what this Raider organization needed to keep the black & silver ball rolling.

The Miami Vipers have had their asses handed to them the past two games & it looks like some of the players are already preparing for next year. The Vipers need not to forget, they have Play-Off opportunities awaiting as long as the Fulton County Bengals do not go on a huge win streak. If Vipers lose these next two weeks & Bengals win, Week 10 Vipers @ Bengals Game could turn out to be a doozy!

My prediction for this match up, the Miami County Vipers have already threw in the towel. Vipers have a few athletic players that make something happen on broken down plays. As long as the "Virgin Killers" can contain their elusive QB's in the pocket, should be another "W" in the win column for the Tri-County Raiders!

(I can't believe I just picked the Raiders to win)

Raiders 34
Vipers 8

Midwest Force @ Fulton County Bengals (Kick-Off 6pm)

The Ohio South's 4-3 Midwest Force are coming off a devastating loss to the Delaware County Revolution travel this weekend to Holland, Ohio to take on the All Mighty & Winless, Fulton County Bengals. This game will be just as exciting to watch as Brady Bunch reruns!

Speaking of Brady Bunch, what ever happen to them? Which Brady Chic did you think was the hottest? Was it "Slutty" Cindy in those short dresses? How bout the brains of Jan? And Marsha, she was just a plain bitch, but sometimes I am in the mood for that. If anyone says Alice, your just plain sick. Plus technically, she wasn't even a Brady!

OH! ...sorry, back to the game! With the Phoenix & the Bengals winless & going into Week 8, the Midwest Force ALMOST have a guaranteed spot in the 2012 CRFL Play-Offs. I say almost, because if the Fulton County Bengals pulls this upset & beats the Force, & win outs the rest of the season, they would have the tie breaker against the Force & could secure the number 2 Wildcard spot for the Play-Offs! The Bengals only have to beat the Phoenix twice, & the Miami County Vipers to finish out. Bare in mind, the Force still have to play the Crush too!

This might turn out to be more of an interesting game than I originally thought! The Midwest Force goes into this one with a MUST WIN mentality & trying to iron out the wrinkles for the Play-Offs. The Fulton County Bengals are in "Do or Die" situation & need to shit or get off the pot. I really, really, really wish Fulton County could pull this win off, but being 0-7, this no way I can "Bank on the Bengals".

(You think Greg tagged any of his sisters? I mean, they were "step" sisters)

Force 26
Bengals 12

Miami County Blitz @ Tri-City Spartans (Kick-Off 6pm)

The Indiana Conference Wildcard run is tighter than a virgin on Prom Night! (another memory from Lima, Ohio) We have the "Spartan Project" hanging in @ 4-2 & the Miami County Blitz & the Delaware County Revolution tied @ 3-4. News is, one of these teams ain't going to make it!

The Miami County Blitz have rallied there troops this past week. They are keeping each player accountable for their practice & game attendance & even practiced Sunday!!! I have not caught word if they traveled to the Fort to scout the first half of the Spartans @ Cardinals game, but it would of been a wise move. Miami County are also in MUST WIN situation in order to keep any play-off hopes alive.

Just keeping it real here... The Tri-City Spartans have played the best the CRFL has to offer. Although they are 4-2 & did not win every game, they competed.

The Miami County Blitz started out the season strong. The first couple of games they caught alot of eyes, including mine, by putting up HUGE numbers! Little did we know @ that time, it was against the Phoenix & the Bengals & we had no idea the caliber of teams that they were. The Blitz have score ONE touchdown out of the past four games and allowed their opponents to score 107 points on them! They even let the Tri-County "Virgin Killer" Raiders put up 42 on them! No chance in hell the Blitz can compete with the "Spartan Project"!

Spartans 55
Blitz 0

Delaware County Revolution @ Jay County Panthers

We all have to love & thank Zeb Sutton for the much needed Bye Weeks!

Re: CRFL WEEK 8 Prediction Channel!!! Tailgate LATE!

Cards win over Pheonix 28-0 due to forfeit. Is this the end of the Pheonix, or as some may call them, the dark knights.

Crush win over Crusaders 28-6 Crush just want it too much. Crush program has much going for it and this game is at home for them. Remember the Crush has never lost at home, and I mean never. Will the Crusaders try to fight in Ohio though.

Raiders win over Vipers 21-13. Vipers just have too many players turning their back on their team. This very well could be the last week for the vipers.

Force win over Bengals 28-7, Bengals just don't have the fight left in them. I think this may be the beginning of the end for them.

Spartans win over Blitz 49-7. This will be a blow out. Spartans are still angry from last week. The only touchdown the Blitz will get will be off of a lucky deep pass over the Spartans DB's, like I said lucky, or sweeping around Spartans #10, d end, because that guy does not know how to play end.

Re: CRFL WEEK 8 Prediction Channel!!! Tailgate LATE!


I have been admiring your Crystal Ball from last week's pics! 18 Player Revolution team over last year Champion Midwest Force & the Spartans were on top of the "High Flying" Cardinals until the storm, your better @ this me!

I must be due for an upgrade! Maybe its time to trade in my old plastic Magic 8-Ball. Off to the Pawn Shop I must go!!!!

Good Shit Yuppp, we got to get that beer sometime!

Re: CRFL WEEK 8 Prediction Channel!!! Tailgate LATE!

Tailgator, I would love to have that beer. Just tell me when and where and I will see if I can make it happen. But my predictions are based on the level of performance the teams have week to week and use what happened in weeks prior against other teams for the teams I favor.