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Re: Help locate Josh Tavernier, Owner of the Spartans, he took off with his kids

I am all for you protecting your kids fat a**! But you sit there an question individuals who comment on this thread On their character but in reality its you who should question yourself! I see on her every week almost people calling you a theif a lier an ect. You need to take a long hard look in the mirror fat boy an speak on yourself! I agree you done the right thing an even posted that this material should have been kept off here, but take that candy bar out of your mouth an listen, you question us but you are the one who shacked up with a meth head i know you are one ugly fat dude but who falls in love with a dope head? You were supose to just give her $10.00 for your time with her not a relationship! Now who should really feel sorry for who?

Dude!!! The word "and" ends with a "d"... It's not silent or invisible, so use it!!!