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no more then about a hr n 15...just not tryna b driving to far cause im coming from muncie to practice 2 times a week and i work too..what do u have in mind jc#11..i play wide receiver.. im 6' 190 n my lil will probly most likely play too...lead the team last yr in sacks..he is 6'2 320 n plays d end n can move faster then any 300 pounder ive ever seen off the ball...get at me though n let me know whats up

Demetrius must have grown since the fall if he's up to 320. And I don't think he led the team in sacks last year, not that I can debate that cause we didn't even have someone to keep stats. No hate intended, just filtering through some BS. He's a good kid and I wish you both the best this season.

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fortville indiana 317-735-5587

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The only suggestion I can give you is to make sure you hook up with a team that has a name in the market. Its so easy these days to get burned with the fly by night teams. I play for the Generals and coach JT.....There isnt any other place I would play because JT pushes and gets the best out of any player that makes the team. Check us out.

We have a team meeting on the 12th @ 11am. Hopefully we see you there, so make sure you introduce yourself.

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lucas he really did lead the team though in sacks n yea he has got hugh....we was only like 260 during the season n now 319 on the other hand has only gained 3 lbs lol...he played all season wit a torn leibrum or however u spell it.. but he had his surgery and doin good...but thanks a lot and best of luck to u too.. n JC def will try n make it and come check the generals out...i have heard a lot of great thing about them and a good tradition. where will the meeting take place

Re: Indiana

Check out our website and like us on Facebook. It has all the info for every event there. Thanks for checking us out.