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Please Post CONFIRMED New Teams/Leagues For 2013 HERE

Hey Folks.

As we slide into the New Year and folks are paying dues in the weight room, we've now come to the time when we need to update our roster of teams and leagues. Please post information about new organizations that will be fielding a team in 2013. This solicitation is for organizations that are attached to am existing league and have made the investments and have the roster to be CERTAIN that they will compete this year.(Brief) information about team name changes, website changes, and yes, even teams that have permanently folded are also welcome here. Please be brief and clear.

A reminder (as in the past) that this thread is NOT for discussion or argument- just for the sharing of confirmed information. Please don't share speculation or opinions. As with all teams, if you'd like to be included in our banner, please email me ( a link to your website and a high resolution image of your logo.

Good luck to one and all in 2013. Those pads will be cracking again before any of you know it!

Re: Please Post CONFIRMED New Teams/Leagues For 2013 HERE

Really? No one at all. We need some updates here, people.