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6/15 Scores

Indiana Mustangs - 26
Indiana Cutters - 20

Indiana Generals - 31
Marion County Crusaders - 0
(Game called with 2:23 left in the 3rd quarter due to "undisclosed" reasons)

Marion County Rockets - 14
Indiana Outlaws - 9

Tennessee Lightning Bolts - 0
Indianapolis Tornadoes - 49

Re: 6/15 Scores

The tornados game finished at half time due to the other team quiting yet we continued to to play with some of our team going over to play with guys who didn't quit

Re: 6/15 Scores

My hat comes off to the Tornado's. That was a class act move. People payed to watch yall play and yall gave them what the came to see. As for the guys that walked off the field and turned your backs on your team mates grow up. The Tornado's showed why we play this game