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Re: whats up with ifl?

Its not rumors they are trying to put us out the league for what idk we havent played not one league game our first two games were fine. The generals game people are blowing out of porportion really. If Ifl teams are scared of losing there home fields then **** it we the crusaders will play everygame home. If not put us out the league so i can find something else to do ****

Re: whats up with ifl?

That's the same thing people heard last year. Us Crusaders didn't do anything wrong it was the other team. Well this year your in the IFL and JJ doesn't run this league. Good job IFL not for just kicking out the Crusaders, but for sending a message to other teams to. That this kind of stuff won't be had in the IFL. Ooooo and as for playing all the Crusaders games at home how did that work out last year any better for other teams? That's were most of the fights happened last year wasn't it? Poeple bring their families to these games to watch husbands, sons, or brothers play. There are little kids at these games to. What kind of messege doesn't it send to them when CRAP like that happen. They are the future of this sport.

Re: whats up with ifl?


Re: whats up with ifl?

Interesting, jj may not run the ifl but still has close ties with crfl board members it would not surprise me that they some how enter the crfl this season if booted from the ifl! And speaking of jj, does he still run this site or was it handed over to someone in Jj's inner circle? Should any league allow the crusaders to play this season? I do not support the violence they have been known to cause with threats and fights but i say let them play under certain criterias such as probation with a one or two game suspension but there are only 6 teams n the ifl so im sure the season has been cut shorter this year if so then why not let them play the season under probation with a post season ban? If they go the rest of season with no incident (but record shows that may be hard to do) but if they should do so then next year they can enter a league on a good note and show that these issues have been corrected and they can play clean ball!

Re: whats up with ifl?

OK I've seen alot of posting from my friends on Facebook about this whole matter. What I'm about to say is probably going to tick off alot of people but it needs to be said.

Those of you who are bashing the IFL for kicking the Crusaders out. Honestly the Crusaders should be grateful that the IFL even considered taking them into the league let alone accepting them in. Basically all the bad press they got last year was justified (I know because I went to a few of their games and witnessed it first hand). The only people the Crusaders have to blame for all of this is themselves.

The IFL Expansion Committee, you should've done your due diligence BEFORE accepting them into the league. It was widely publicized week in and week out about what was going on in their games and you still accepted them in. So that one is on you.

The Crusaders, I know the arguement is going to come up "we didn't get a chance we never played anyone in the league". While this may be true as an accepted member of the league you were expected to act in a accordance with the IFL standards because you not only represented the Marion County Crusaders but you also represented the Interstate Football League. You failed to do so and that is why you were booted.

Now I know the next arguement is going to be "we didn't start the fights the other teams did". Guess what you're not little kids anymore grow up. When you get into multiple altercations with different teams there comes a time when you have to look in the mirror and find the common denominator in all the altercations (The Crusaders). Alot of this falls on the staff of the Crusaders, clearly they had no control over the players and the egos and attitudes cost you your season. No one else did.... you did.

A quote I learned many years ago holds true to this, "I am ultimately responsible for the amount of chaos to which I allow in my life." I'm tired of people always blaming someone else for their own problems. Man up and take responsibility for your own actions or non-actions. The only person who controls what you do is yourself.

Dave Clawson

Re: whats up with ifl?

Have to agree 100% with Dave. With the rocky past they had, they should have kept their nose as clean as possible to avoid something like this. Unfortunately for the Crusaders, the past has bit them in the rear.