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Just saying thanks

Me and my family live in Denver IN have always been big football fans it has come to our attention that we have a semi pro team the Miami county Blitz went to our first game this past Saturday. I've heard and read a lot of negative things about semi pro but I must say we love this team, and many other of the towns people are taking notice. The players and coaches represent themselves very well they play hard but act accordingly. our neighbors had their 7year old son with them at the game and multiple players stopped to say hello and the team is 3-0 with some of the best D I've seen in person. So we just wanted to say thank you, we enjoy your hard work! Keep it up and we are proud to call you our team!

Re: Just saying thanks

Great to see community members taking advantage of local football!! We will be up to play the blitz in three weeks I think. See you then! CRUSH!!

Re: Just saying thanks

Now thats awesome.....whats its all about playing what we love and getting your community behind you with providing them with the Saturday night lights. Glad to see some positive on here and not all that **** talking by these mother ****ers! Hahaaa i kid i kid. Take care all enjoy tomorrow with your family.