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Re: Shamrock, Warriors, Spartans, Minutemen, Who's next

Now matter if your a team going strong for 4 seasons or a team starting out. Most teams are still going strong because there is no other team to run to when players are unhappy but for the teams that have a rival or a new team starting across town that team who has lasted 4 years or more is now in jeopardy especially if that old teams player fees are too high or coaches are no longer making it fun or players are not seeing fair playing time of course you will have players jump ship and when one goes his friends go so you end up losing 3 players off the back so if you lose 4 players and their friends who play boom thats 12, just whats needed to play ball with 1 rotating inn! Thats all you need! So if 4 players are unhappy with high fees, 2 or 3 players unhappy with playing time and 3 or so unhappy with coaches boom you now have whats needed for a new team! That small loyal bunch thats left with that old team just isnt enough to maintain a team and owners have no other choice but to close up shop! With new owners starting a new team there is now a new problem the owner didnt realize what it took to run a team and new problems are born! Players now have to trust new people to handle all their money responsibly and for some owners the temptation is just to strong as we have seen and heard from So many times most recent with the warriors and spartans! Or player fees are so high that players cant afford to pay it and are now left with a Minutemen situation. Theres nothing wrong with team logo shirts with last name and # on them 15 bucks for a shirt as oppose to 50/65 for a jersey that saves a player at least 35/50 Bucks i mean theres tons more ways to save a player money but you get the idea! Feild and ref fees just cant be cut down they are a must but there are always ways to help limit that with fund raisers or bake sales any first year team should consider such things! Every player no matter what year the teams in should play if they paid fees and come to at least 1 practice a week should be worked inn! Players have families whos kids may play some type of sports we had our time to shine but no one wants to miss their kids games or practices. We have jobs not everyone picks an chooses there schedule during the week. i believe making 1 practice a week is reasonable and still play. Everyone should be rotated in, look at the chicago thunder they were a power house for years not because they were that talented because i have lined up against them in their prime what made them so good was there rotation system! Always fresh bodies on the feild which made other teams who tried to keep only their starters in Tire out and they just dominated them and they played and worked inn all their players no matter skill level there was a few players who was just tossed around like rag dolls but still got in the game to keep a good rotation. And in the 4th quarter the starters were so fresh they killed! There are so many ways to keep players happy and still get them to put the work inn to be a championship team! Allow your players to have a vote on things get them involved!

Re: Shamrock, Warriors, Spartans, Minutemen, Who's next

If you can't abide by membership standards, don't become a member.
Stop offering excuses and either commit or watch the committed.

Also, it may be in your best interest to pick up a book from time to time. That was a tough post to digest.

PS: putting a tshirt on a player is not only laughable, but dysfunctional. Football jerseys are rugged for a reason, to hold true in function during multiple collisions. Tshirts don't quite cut it...

Re: Shamrock, Warriors, Spartans, Minutemen, Who's next

We will watch! Lol thinking that a semi pro team can run a team with an iron fist will result in one thing players leaving and teams folding! Now sign some checks and rule with two iron fists players would stay no matter what then! But you nor owners pay us players we play for fun and our love for the game so we dont need a d*ck running a team for that reason! Its been proven a number of times by many teams that a team who runs it in a manner that results in the players no longer having fun well they leave and teams fold! The teams mentioned in this post, well half of the players will say they left due to that reason! There is a difference between expecting players to abide by a code of conduct and owners and coaches treating Players like **** and unfairly! Seems the only things you have a problem with are how players should be treated and the way they look on the feild. For teams starting out and need players to fill spots player fees are issues with most and anything to lower that would help so uniform costs are important. Yeah a shirt is unconventional but its ways to help a team survive past the first year! If you remember the outside the lines special on espn their was teams shown with different jerseys and not matching well at least if they all had the same shirts and game pants they would of looked decent and all would have to agree on that! Jerseys are made for game performance and the rigorous hardships it will endure during that game but if only 10 peoole can afford it what good is it? Players keep teams alive not all of them will be happy but if 75% of them love the team and are happy you then have loyalty! I would like to know what team you are on that runs in the manner you are defending? If your team is no longer a team or it hasnt went into year two yet your discredited on anything you say! Keep semi pro fun, affordable, and honest and teams will survive for years!