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Re: Crusaders are a joke!!!!!

If you think the Crusaders will make a comeback please post what it is you are drinking.
They are done!!!!!!
It won't matter who they say is in charge cause nobody every listens to what they are told.
The players are gone most of them should have been gone after all the fighting in 2012 but they choose to bring them back at any cost.
Well the cost was high and they got booted before they ever played a game, which brings up another awesome point they got booted out of a Sid Phillips league nobody and I mean nody gets booted from a Sid Phillips the reason simple his leagues are always so poorly run and operated he won't kick anyone out that has some money to him.
Ok so there you go now you got some talk going about the Crusaders, lets all get back and see all the C-NATION posts from players that quickly ran to other teams.