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A new food find @ Walmart

I read about it last week on ronisweigh.com (my other fav web site) and I found it this week at my Walmart ----Joseph's Lavash. Found it over in the deli section near the pita breads and flatout wraps. They also carry a pita as well. They are really good. I ate one last night with some ham, spinach leaves, and a little bit of honey mustard. I think I like the taste better than Flatouts and they are a little bigger. They also were a bit cheaper - 2.18 verses 2.50 for Flatouts. I plan on making a pizza on them for lunch today and pinwheel sandwiches for Brady for school.

Here's the stats if you're interested. Half of a square is a serving (they are pretty big)....Calorie=50, Fat=2, Fiber=3, and Carb 7g. No cholesterol either.

Re: A new food find @ Walmart

I found these too in Ohio! I did try to the pitas and LOVED them!!! They were in the deli section here too and I thought the texture was much nicer than the flatouts. Don't get me wrong, I like the flatouts too, but I like these better. :)