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Grocery Items

OK, here's 5 item's I cannot live without this week.

98% lowfat refried beans
Joseph's Lavash
Protein Bars
Turkey Pepperoni
Hebrew National 97% FF hot dogs (been wanting to try)

What about all of you??

Re: Grocery Items

This is a bit of a repeat from what I bought yesterday, but I was so tickled that I will post it again. LOL

Joseph's Lavash - like you, Carrie :)
Sweet potatoes
FF Promise spread
Imitation crab meat
FF plain yogurt
FF cream cheese

I can't wait to make the cream cheese/crab quesadillas again. MMMMmmmmmmmm :0

Re: Grocery Items

On my grocery list this week:

Fat-free milk
Fat-free sour cream
WW yogurt
Fresh veggies

Re: Grocery Items

Heading down to Florida next week - can you believe the kids are already on Fall break from school - unbelievable - anyhow, want to clean out what I can from the fridge and freezer before I go so I won't be adding much to my grocery list...until I get to Florida and shop at Publix...I can get my alternative bagels and vitamuffins there YAH! So for home to get me by until we leave this week:

Fiber 1 bars oats and chocolate
fage 0% yogurt
salad fixings - they will be gone right away with the size of salad I've been fixing lately.

Leaving hubby behind and traveling with just the boys to Florida - so I guess I need to shop for him and leave some stuff in freezer so he has something other than pizza and chinese take-out to eat - poor guy!

I also need to plan some healthy snacks for the car ride - any thoughts? I'll start another thread about this too.