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Anyone need a pat on the back...here's the spot for it!

OK....as some of you all read the other night, I battled some severe depression over recent financial "problems." I seriously wanted to eat b/c of the frustration and sadness. Although I was deeply overwhelmed by these emotions and wanted to eat as much chocolate as I could I somehow managed to not give in. I kept picturing my "fat" picture of myself in my head and that somehow kept my hand from reaching for everything in sight.

I let the tears flow and just kept telling myself, "Carrie, it's not worth it. You are not hungry, you are upset. Upset does not = eat." It was hard, but gosh darn it I made it through and I won't pay for it on the scale this week.

Anyone else need a pat on the back as I stand here giving myself one?

Re: Anyone need a pat on the back...here's the spot for it!

Way to go Carrie! You need a pat on the back! Life isn't always as rosey as we thought it was as kids growing up! Everyone has struggles and we have to not beat ourselves up because of it. Perserverance and staying strong in whatever situation is always the best alternative.

I have decided that 100 years from now, some things won't matter. Taking care of yourself at the moment will determine how the rest of your life turns out.

I will never be rich in worldly goods, but being comfortable with who I am is most important. I've had financial problems in the past and am in the midst of another, too. I have suffered from depression to the point of being on medication and it was not fun. It is a battle that you can not let take over your life no matter what the situation. It can be a struggle every day if we let it!!

Hang in there.....I give myself a pat on the back every day that I stay on program, do my exercising, drink my water, and on, and on, and on....... After all, it's one day at a time!

Re: Anyone need a pat on the back...here's the spot for it!

Carrie, you should be so proud of yourself. This was a real milestone for you and we can all help you celebrate it! You go, girl!!

Diane, I agree that it is one day at a time. Sometimes, it is one meal or one hour at a time. Everytime we don't fall back into old habits, we are one step closer to making our new and healthier behaviors part of our everyday lives.

A journey starts with a single step and until you take it, you haven't moved any closer.