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Food Find/Review

OK, I've been reading about the benefits of prunes (HAHA) lately over on Ronisweigh.com and after reading NUMEROUS comments about how people love these things, I thought to myself: "Carrie, you're acting just like a little kid; stop saying you don't like something before you try it." So, I went out and bought some plain pitted prunes. Ok, I didn't gag and I thought they were ok, not something I'd ever crave, but just OK. I looked for the chocolate covered prune bites and the cherry flavored ones that everyone was raving about, but they didn't have them.

Well, while at Walmart doing some shopping for my job, I wandered over to that section and they had one bag left of the choc. and cherry ones so I thought it must be fate or something and bought both. Got to the car and opened the cherry ones. OMG!! They are awesome. Opened the choc. covered ones and about went OMG x 2!!! They are fantastic! Seriously, I could crave these.

Here's what I read about prunes:

Prunes’ soluble fiber helps normalize blood sugar levels by slowing the rate at which food leaves the stomach and by delaying the absorption of glucose (the form in which sugar is transported in the blood) following a meal. Soluble fiber also increases insulin sensitivity and can therefore play a helpful role in the prevention and treatment of type 2 diabetes. And, prunes’ soluble fiber promotes a sense of satisfied fullness after a meal by slowing the rate at which food leaves the stomach, so prunes can also help prevent overeating and weight gain.

Who knew?!

Re: Food Find/Review

My mom has eaten prunes for years, and we all used to tease her terribly about it. But you are right - they are tasty and healthy and filling. All the fiber is an added plus to keep things moving too. Kids love them because they are sweet and have a fruit rollup texture. My kids will eat them fine - I just never told them that they were PRUNES! LOL

Re: Food Find/Review

Uki, that's so funny. You're right, they do have a fruit roll up texture. I was trying to think what they reminded me of and that was it. Those cherry ones...man alive, I'll have to hide them from myself, hehe

Re: Food Find/Review

I will have to try the cherry ones and the chocolate ones. So far, I have only bought the plain ones. Did you know that Aldi has the plain ones? Another great Aldi find!! :)

Re: Food Find/Review

Hi Carrie;
I haven't heard of those yet but I think I will look for them. Do you know how many points they have?

Re: Food Find/Review

Uki - I didn't realize Aldi's had them (plain).

Becky - The brand is Sunsweet and they are in a pouch like package over where raisins are in Walmart.

Cherry Essence Stat's are: 5 prunes or 1.5 oz. Cal. 100, Fat 0, Fiber 3...Points 1?? Someone double check me on this.

Choc. Plum Sweets: 14 pieces= Cal 120, Fat 6, Fiber 2.
Points per serving: 2.5

Those are like a healthy candy.

Re: Food Find/Review

I checked out the points and you are right, there is 1 for the prunes. this is the first time I replied so it might sound funny the way i did it.