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Carrie - Twitter?????

I subscribed to Roni's weigh now and I like the site so much, but I don't understand Twitter and how it works. Do you do it or just read the newsletter/watch her videos?


Re: Carrie - Twitter?????

I haven't done the Twitter thing yet..but I'm on her site everyday...she's so inspirational. I love her videos and her site has helped me greatly since I do the WW at home program. I've tried making a lot of her recipes from greenlitebites.com which you can access through her home page on ronisweigh.

I'll have to figure the twitter thing out and give it a whirl.

Re: Carrie - Twitter?????

I really like the videos too. She is such a "normal" person, which helps me relate to her. I love that she takes bites of her son's food, over-indulges sometimes, is new to exercise, finds ways to save money, etc. Thank you for sharing her site!